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Pre-requisites for upgrade to POA 5.4.10 with PACI module deployed are provided below.

1. Install the latest update on all PSBM servers registered in POA Cloud Infrastructure Manager (update 7 or higher is required).

2. Install the latest update on all Parallels Containers for Windows server (update 50 or higher is required).

3. Update guest tools for all VM templates registered in PACI using the instructions below.

VM Templates update instruction:

1. Mark one of the PSBM servers registed in POA Cloud Infrastructure Manager as 'Not ready to provide'.

2. Run the Parallels Management Console and connect to the server marked as not ready to provide.

3. Convert a template used in POA to VM and then update Parallels Tools according to Parallels Management Console User's Guide (page 69).

4. Convert the VM with updated Parallels Tools back to template using the original template name.

5. Important: ensure that the new template is fully operable by creating VM based on the template via Parallels Management Console or Parallels Virtual Automation.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 for all VM templates.

7. Connect to the PSBM server in question via SSH as root and navigate to the /var/parallels folder.

8. Locate all VM templates on the filesystem as <template_name.pvm>

9. Create text file templates.list with the list of paths to VM templates like:

10. Run the script from the attached ZIP archive:
# ./ http://im_address:im_port admin_password /path/to/templates.list
Replace im_address, im_port and admin_password with IP address, port and admin password of the PACI Instance Manager server.

The script will handle nodes one by one with the following action:

a. Lock a node to prevent provisioning of customers' VEs to it.

b. Copy VM templates to the node.

c. Return node to the original state.

Known issues

1. If Parallels Containers for Windows servers are not updated to the latest update then Windows Containers creation will fail after update to POA 5.4.10.

2. If PSBM servers and VM templates are not updated:
  • Windows VM creation will fail
  • For Linux VM hostname will be set with dot in the end (like “”)


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