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A customer cannot create domain in POA Control Panel with the Domain Parking service or add this service to the existing domain due to the error 'Domain can not be currently created because the corresponding service is unavailable' like in the example below:

The problem affects all possible types of the Domain Parking service in POA:

  • Parking
  • Singe Page Website
  • Frame Forwarding
  • Standard Forwarding


Look at the poa.debug.log file on POA Management Node (/var/log/poa.debug.log on Linux, C:\Program Files (x86)\SWSoft\PEM\var\log\poa.debug.log on Windows) when the problem occurs in Control Panel, most likely you will find more exact error message like provided below:
There are no Domain Parking services that satisfy given set of attributes and located on 'Ready to provide' host; attrlist='parking'
So, the reason of problem is that there is no shared hosting server registered in POA which satisfies the following requirements:

  • Server has Domain Parking service installed
  • Server is marked as 'Ready to Provide'
  • The provisioning attribute mentioned in the error message is attached to a server

As a result POA just cannot find the proper server which can be used to provision Domain Parking service for a customer.


See the resolution in the Knowledgebase article #115904 POA cannot create subscription: 'There is no valid resources dependency combination found'.

The ultimate goal is to make sure that POA has at least one 'Ready to Provide' server which has required service installed (Domain Parking in this particular case) and has required attribute assigned (the attribute which is assigned to the Domain Parking resource in a customer subscription).

One may assign the necessary provision attribute to already existing in POA host with the Domain Parking service and mark it as 'Ready to Provide'. Or install a new server with the Domain Parking service, attache the required attribute to it and mark as 'Ready to Provide'.

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