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Article ID: 115898, created on Apr 4, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4


The article provides POA 5.4 pre-upgrade and post-upgrade checklists: the lists of actions we recommended performing before and after a POA upgrade to make sure that the system is stable.

Pre-upgrade actions

Action Description
Read Release Notes. Check the list of new features and fixed issues in the update being installed.

Refer to the Knowledgebase article #114085 POA 5.4 Updates for Release Notes for all POA 5.4.x updates.
Review POA 5.4 Known Issues. If you upgrade from previous major POA releases (POA versions 5.0 - 5.3) review the Knowledgebase article #113408 POA 5.4 - Known Issues for the list of discovered problems in POA 5.4.
Review POA 5.4 Upgrade Known Issues. Review the Knowledgebase article #113251 POA 5.4 Upgrade Known Issues with the list of found problems with the upgrade, and apply all items that are applicable to a particular POA installation.

Post-upgrade actions

Action Description Comment
Check POA version/build. Check the current version of PBA (including Micro-Updates) to make sure that the necessary update was installed. The POA version number may be found in the Provider Control Panel at Top > Support.
Check POA Control Panel. Check Provider CP functionality. 1. Log in to the POA Provider Control Panel to make sure it is up and running.

2. Navigate to the most used directors and managers in the Provider CP.

3. Check if it is possible to switch between POA and PBA Control Panels.
  Check Customer CP functionality. Log in to POA Customer CP under a Provider's customer account: use the Login as customer link on the Staff members tab in the account properties.

Log in to POA Customer CP under a reseller's customer account.
  Check company logo and copyright. If custom company logo and/or copyright are used in POA, check if they are displayed correctly in Control Panel.
  Check customization. If Control Panel customization is used, check that it works correctly after the upgrade.
  Check Control Panel locale. Perform a basic check to verify that the used locale works correctly: make sure that the required locale is available in the list of languages on the POA Control Panel login screen.
- Log in to POA Provider/Customer Control Panel under the required locale and check that correct language is used.
Check service provisioning. Check that service provisioning works. Place an order in PBA for the most popular Service Plans and make sure that service provisioning was completed successfully in POA.

Use the Knowledgebase article #113980 Monitor task queue to check failed tasks that appear after the upgrade.

If POA is not integrated with PBA, use the POA OpenAPI method pem.activateSubscription to create subscriptions in POA.
  Check periodic tasks. Check that periodic tasks scheduled after the upgrade are processed successfully.

Use the Knowldgebase article #113980 Monitor task queue for advice.
Check POA server/service health. Check diskspace on POA servers. Make sure that the POA Management Node and Database servers have sufficient amounts of free diskspace:
POA Management Node - 10 GB or more
POA Database server - 10 GB or more
  Check overall status of system services. Use instructions in the Knowledgebase article #113987 Check overall status of system services.
  Check site availability.  Perform basic checks of customer website availability: pick several websites located on different Windows and Linux Shared Hosting servers.

Check DNS service using instructions in the Knowedgebase article #113988 Check DNS service.
  Check custom DNS records. Check custom DNS records functionality:

1. Add a new domain in POA under a test customer account.

2. Make sure that custom DNS records were added to the created domain zone and that they may be resolved using POA-managed DNS servers.

3. Check if custom DNS records are present in the customers' domain added before the POA upgrade.
  Check sending/receiving mail. Send mail via POP3/IMAP protocols from the test customer mailbox hosted in POA. Make sure it was delivered to the target mailbox.

Send mail to a test customer mailbox hosted in POA. Make sure it was delivered to the mailbox.
  Check webmail services. Make sure it is possible to log in to webmail services using test customer mailboxes:
- Open-Xchange
- Outlook Web Access
- Horde
  Check Exchange services. Check that it is possible to connect to and send/receive email with Exchange mailboxes hosted in POA using Outlook.
  Check FTP service. Upload file to a test customer's webspace via FTP and File Manager.
  Check Autodiscover service. Create an Outlook profile using Exchange Autodiscover for the test customer account.
  Check APS application. Check an instance of one of the most popular APS site applications, like Joomla, WordPress, and the like:
- Open POA Customer Control Panel under the account with the APS application in its subscription.
Make sure that it is possible to log in to the application web interface.

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