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Cloud Infrastructure Service Plan

The article provides instruction how to create Service Plan in PBA for Parallels Automation Cloud Infrastructure (PACI) services.

Prerequisites: Service Template for Cloud Infrastructure services must already be created in POA.

Make sure that correct units of measure are configured for PACI resources in PBA:

  • Bandwidth resources: Mbpsh (Mb per second per hour)
  • RAM resources: GB/h (GB per hour)
  • Disk resources: GB/h (GB per hour)
  • CPU resources: GHz/h (GHz per hour)

Warning: PACI resources should not be included to composite resources on PBA side.

Follow the steps below to create Service Plan for Cloud Infrastructure services in PBA.

Configure Plan Category

  1. Log in PBA Provider Control Panel
  2. Go to Product Director > Plan Manager > Plan Categories
  3. Create new Plan Category for Cloud Infrastructure Service Plan or make sure that desired Plan Category already exists

Create Service Plan

  1. Go to Product Director > Plan Manager > Service Plans
  2. Click the Add New Service Plan button
  3. Enter desired plan name in the Name field
  4. Select POA PACI Service Template in the Service Template field
  5. Select desired Plan Category in the Plan Category field
  6. Select desired Service Terms in the Service Terms field
  7. Provide short and long description in the corresponding fields
  8. Check Published and Attach Usage Statistics checkboxes
  9. Set the desired options in the Billing Information section:

    • Customer Class
    • Billing Period Type
    • Charge for Subscription
    • Auto-Renewal
    • Set Billing Period to 1
  10. Click Next

  11. Choose 1 Month(s) Subscription Period

  12. Click Next

  13. Leave zero values for the following prices:

    • Setup Fee
    • Recurring Fee
    • Renewal Fee
    • Transfer Fee
    • Cancelation Fee
    • Non Refundable Amount
  14. Check all Show Zero Price checkboxes

  15. Press the Setup Plan Rates button

  16. On the next screen set up Plan Rates. Choose all Cloud Infrastructure resources (whose names start from CI):

    • Set desired Overuse Fee
    • Check Show in Store checkboxes ( for PBA 5.4 see note below).
    • Check Measurable checkboxes
    • Change values for Included units from -1 (Unlimited) to 0
  17. Click Finish

Note: The Show in Store option must be disabled for 'stopped' resources in the resource rates in Service Plan (CI bandwidth limit stopped, CI Virtual Machine CPU Usage stopped, CI RAM usage stopped, CI Container CPU Usage stopped) and enabled for 'running' resources (CI bandwidth limit running, CI Virtual Machine CPU Usage running, CI RAM usage running, CI Container CPU Usage running), as otherwise estimated price in the store will be calculated based on price of stopped resource. Since PBA 5.5 the price will be based on running resources independently on the Show in Store option.

Configure Sales Category

  1. Go to Product Director > Plan Manager > Sales Categories

  2. Create new Sales Category for Cloud Infrastructure Service Plan or make sure that desired Sales Category already exists.

Configure Resource Category

  1. Go to Product Director > Resource Manager > Resource Categories
  2. Add new Resource Category or make sure that desired Resource Category already exists
  3. Add all Cloud Infrastructure resources into the desired category or make sure that they are added to it already:

    Select desired Resource Category

    Switch to the Resources tab

    Click the Add New Resource to Category button

    Check all 'CI' resources (whose names start with 'CI')

    Check also the following resources:

    • Additional Staff Members
    • IP addresses
    • IPv6 Addresses
    • DNS Hosting
    • DNS management

Click the Add Selected Resource(s) button

Set Up Online Store

Configure Online Store screens

  1. Go to Product Director > Online Store Manager > Screens
  2. Click the Generate Screens button
  3. Click on the generated screen with ID PACI_SCREEN
  4. Switch to the Parameters tab
  5. Set the CATEGORY_LIST_ID parameter to the ID of the Sales Category you created for Cloud Infrastructure plan
  6. Set the RESOURCE_CATEGORY to the ID of the Resource Category you created for Cloud Infrastructure resources

Synchronize the Online Store

  1. Go to Product Director > Online Store Manager > Synchronization Settings
  2. Press the Synchronize button

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