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  • Business Automation
  • APS 2.x


The Provider configured the default language in PBA to be a language other than English. However, when Billing orders or automatically generated Renewal orders are created, the comment field is always in English.

Invoices issued by the Provider for resellers are always in English, instead of reseller or Provider language (e.g. French).

The Provider wants to configure PBA to use another language (not English) in automatically generated documents.


The Renewal (for subscriptions with the autorenewal option enabled) and Billing orders are created automatically by the system user (with ID = -1), which, by default, uses the English locale, and so all the system methods are executed under the English locale.

For example, the entry below from the PBA log file BM.log shows that the Daily Billing Process was invoked with the English locale (lang = en):

[13-03-03 00:00:43.917 Worker1.58  TH17928 NTE] Entering method BM_Container::Worker1.58.DailyBillingProcess(user = -1, transaction = 167316, SID = 0, lang = en, LP)


Note: starting from PBA 5.5.6 see also

The solution provided below will affect newly created documents only; all existing documents will be left intact.

To make the comment fields in auto-generated documents be generated in a language other than English, it is necessary to define the desired language. This can be done using the DefLang configuration parameter of a particular PBA container. When it is supplied under the [arguments] section of any PBA container configuration file, then its value is considered the default language for the system user within the respective container. To make a global change, put this parameter into the global.conf file, for example:

DefLang = ja

Configuration files of PBA containers along with the global.conf file are located in the following folder on the PBA Application Server:

  • PBA for Linux:

  • PBA for Windows:


where PBA_ROOT is the root PBA installation folder, e.g. C:\Program Files\Parallels\PBA.

Note that adding the DefLang parameter to the global.conf file will affect the whole PBA installation; all the system methods will be executed under the language specified.

If you are concerned only about comments in the auto-generated orders, then set or change the DefLang parameter in the BM.conf and TASKMAN.conf files in the above-mentioned ssm.conf.d folder. If the configuration files do not exist, create them.

Attention: There are files with names that start with the "." character in the ssm.conf.d folder, e.g., .BM.conf. Do not perform any changes with these files because they are rewritten during PBA updates/upgrades.

Restart PBA to apply the changes:

  • PBA for Linux:

    service pba restart
  • PBA for Windows:

    net stop ssm
    net start pba

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