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Article ID: 115850, created on Mar 28, 2013, last review on Dec 22, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


Parallels Operations Automation (POA) cannot create a new subscription with Office 365 services for a customer. The corresponding APS provisioning task fails with an error message like:

Method add_customer calling failed. Reason:Could not provision customer '<CustomerName>' - the specified subdomain '<SubdomainName>' is already in use

An example of the failed task is provided below:

 Task name                APS application 'Microsoft Office 365', id 101, instance 20822 -> service 'customer', instance 32383: executing configuration script
 Last execution output    Execution of configuration script for instance with id 32383 of service with id customer of instance with id 20822 of application with id 101 failed - returned value: -1
                          output: '<?xml version="1.0"?>
                          <output xmlns="<a href="">"</a>>
                          <error id="validation-error" setting-id="Configuration">
                          <message>Method add_customer calling failed. Reason:Could not provision customer 'John Doe' - the specified subdomain 'johndoe' is already in use</message>
                          ' errors: ''


POA tries to create a new account in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud with the default domain set to '', where SubdomainName is the subdomain from the failed task properties. That subdomain name is already in use by a different account in the Office 365 Cloud.


Actual steps to resolve the issue may depend on whether it is a new subscription or you are attempting to migrate an existing account into the Parallels Automation suite.

Create a new Office 365 subscription

If you are creating a brand new account in the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud, cancel the problem subscription and purchase a new one on a non-occupied subdomain.

To prevent customers from using occupied subdomains, make sure you have a custom domain availability checker for Office 365 subdomains implemented in Parallels Business Automation (PBA). For details, refer to the 'Configuring PBA for Custom Office 365 Subdomains' section of the Office 365 Integration Provider's Guide.

Migrate an existing account

If the goal is migration of an existing Office 365 account, the error means that the migration procedure was not followed correctly.

To be more specific, the MOSI CustomerID stored in POA does not match the actual MOSI CustomerID in the Microsoft Cloud. Instead of importing an existing account, the system tries to create a new one and fails, since the account we are trying to migrate occupies the subdomain.

Migrated Office 365 subscriptions do not have a Sales Order in PBA. If this is the case, contact the person who performed the migration to correct the migration procedure.

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