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IIS Service configuration

The main points of IIS service provisioning scheme are described below.

IIS hosting service is represented by the resource based on the 'Physical Hosting (IIS)' resource class in POA, a customer must have the resource in their subscription to be able to create IIS websites. The resource 'Physical Hosting (IIS)' represents IIS webspace for a customer's websites, it is enough to have 1 unit of this resource in a subscription. The number of websites a customer may create in their webspace is defined by the 'IIS Web Sites' sub-resource like in the Linux Shared Hosting service.

If a customer has the 'Physical Hosting (IIS)' resource in their subscription and Service Template their subscipription is based on has the Autoprovisioning parameter enabled, POA will create webspace on a Windows Shared Hosting server automatically, otherwise webspace will be created during creating the very first website in a subscription. Later, a customer may create as many IIS website in their subscription as many units of the 'IIS Web Sites' resource they have in a subscription.

During Windows webspace creating POA automatically creates IIS website for so called Instant Access URL which may be used to open customer's webspace in browser even if customer did not create a single website in their subscription yet. The Instant Access URL (i.e. hostname of a website) is generated using the 'Instant Access URL prefix template' and 'Default Domain Identifier' activation parameters of the 'Physical Hosting (IIS)' resource. E.g. consider the following values of the parameters:
·       'Instant Access URL prefix template' - 's${subscription_id}${unique}'
·       'Default Domain Identifier' -
·       Customer subscription ID - 1000101

In this case POA automatically creates IIS website with the hostname along with the webspace itself andwebspace will be accessible by the URL, it may be opened in a browser almost immediately after subscription provisioning completed because it is assumed that the domain is already registered and POA just adds new A record in the existing domain.
So, using the Instant Access URL a customer may get access to the whole webspace and to any website in a webspace (using name of the corresponding location where website is hosted) even if domain registration for their domain is not yet completed or DNS information was not yet propagated over the Internet.
Refer to the Knowledgebase article #115825 IIS webspace structure for details about files and folders in a customer's webspace and their purpose.

See the main Knowledgebase article #115790 Website Hosting: General information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information.

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