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Log Files Access service

As we can see in the Apache webspace structure KB article webspace permissions do not allow webspace owner to get direct access to the Apache log files (the log folder in a webspace belongs to root:pemsrv and usual FTP user does not have access to this folder). A customer cannot get access to their log files using regular FTP service or Linux File Manager.

Access to the Apache log files in customers' webspaces is provided through a special service - Log Files Access. A customer must have special resource based on the 'Logfiles access (downloading) support' resource class in their Linux Shared Hosting subscription.

If a customer has above mentioned resource in a subscription, POA creates special FTP user with the auto-generated name like 'lfauWEBSPACE_ID', where 'u' is single character and WEBSPACE_ID is the ID of a customer webspace.
This user is included into the pemsrv group and thus is provided with access to the folder where Apache log files are located in a webspace - /usr/local/pem/vhosts/WEBSPACE_ID/log (because the pemsrv has group ownership on the folder).

A customer having the required resource in a subscription may download Apache log files stored in their webspace in POA Customer Control Panel on the Websites tab > click on any website in webspace > More Tools > Log Manager:

Upon clicking the 'Show FTP Directory' link in browser the new window will be open with the list of Apache log files a customer may download.

A customer also may connect to their webspace using FTP under the special user described above and they will get access to the folder with log files.

See the main Knowledgebase article #115790 Website Hosting: General information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information.

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