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Outdated system packages.


Install Parallels H-sphere SPU to update third-party packages to the latest versions available for H-Sphere 3.6.1.

Installation instructions

Use the instructions below to perform update.

Upgrading Parallels H-Sphere Control Panel and *nix Servers

To upgrade Parallels H-Sphere on Unix:
  1. Download Parallels H-Sphere 3.6.1 SPU 61 Installation/Update script available at
  2. Update the control panel:
# sh U36.0P1 cpupdate spu
# sh U36.0P1 hspackages spu ips=<IP of the Control Panel box>

# sh U36.0P1 cpupdate spu
# sh U36.0P1 hspackages spu ips=
  1. (SiteStudio users) Update the SiteStudio:
# sh U36.0P1 sitestudio spu
  1. Update the physical servers:

  1. You can do it using the script:
# sh U36.0P1 hspackages spu [ips=<list of selected physical servers>]
ipsparameter value should be a comma-separated list of physical servers’ IP addresses; you may specify it if you want to update servers bunch by bunch; and if you want to update all installation at once - just omit this parameter. Additional information about installation/update script you can read in Parallels H-Sphere 3.6.1Upgrade Guide
# sh U36.0P1 hspackages spu ips=,
  1. or through the control panel:
    • Log in as admin at http://SERVICE IP:8080
    • In E.Manager > Update > Physical Server Profiles define the Unix physical server profile with "update to the latest SPU release(-P)" checked. Assign this profile to all Unix physical servers.
    • In E.Manager > Update > Update Boxes, select the [Unix] physical servers to update, and click Start Update.
    • Additional information about physical server profiles you can read in Parallels H-Sphere administrator guide (


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