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Configure installed application instance

A customer may reconfigure an installed APS application instance in POA Customer Control Panel on the Applications tab, e.g. a customer may change application admin user email, login or password.

POA schedules the following tasks when configuring installed APS application instance:

Task name Task purpose
Initiating configuring Mark application service instance as 'Configuring' in POA database.

This task completes almost immediately after customer finished APS application configuration wizard in POA CP since it just updates POA database.
Dumping content of scripts directory for instance of APS site application The task performs the following actions:

1. Get content of application provisioning scripts from the scripts/ folder in the APS package (the scripts are actually stored in POA database)
2. Create .tar file with all scripts put in it
3. Upload created .tar file to the server which will act as Provisioning Gateway Host.
4. Unpack scripts from the .tar file.
5. Remove .tar file
executing configuration script Checks all parameters passed to it and execute appropriate provisioning script (configure in most cases) with proper environment variables (taken from passed parameters) and command 'configure'.
Finalizing configuringM Mark corresponding object (application instance, service user, application service) in POA database as Installed or Ready.


The task 'Dumping content of scripts directory for instance of APS site application' is being executed along with tasks 'Initiating configuring', 'Executing configuration script' and 'Finalizing configuring' every time application instance has to be reconfigured/upgraded which means that POA re-uploads scripts on every application reconfiguration which in turn means that if to fix problem you make manual changes in script file on provisioning gateway server, your changes will be overwritten when customer does similar change from Control Panel.

The correct way to solve the problem with APS task failing due to wrong provisioning script is to repack package with correct scripts, upload new version of package and upgrade existing applications to the new version.

See the main KB article #115664 APS: General information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information.

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