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APS application of Dedicated VPS provisioning type

POA actions to provision APS application of the 'Dedicated VPS' provisioning type are as follows:

  1. Create VPS on one of managed PVC (Parallels Virtuozzo Containers) servers
  2. Install necessary set of application templates into VPS
  3. Install APS application into th dedicated VPS

The list of Virtuozzo application templates required for APS application is defined in the APP-META.xml in the APS package.

Application provisioning scripts are uploaded by POA to a VPS via VZAgent or PVAAgent and are placed in the /root/scripts folder inside a VPS.

So in this case POA does not use separate Provisioning Gateway Host.

How does POA know how much disk space, RAM to assign to a dedicated VPS?

To be able to provision application of the Dedicated VPS provisioning type Provider has to create Resource Type based on the 'VPS (dedicated)' resource class and assign the same provisioning attribute to it as attribute assigned to APS application resource. So, POA will create VPS based on this resource (VPS will belong to Provider, customer only subscribes to application) and will set diskspace and other limits based on activation parameters of this VPS resource type.

See the main KB article #115664 APS: General information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information.

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