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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Upgrading POA to version 5.4.10 may require manual operations in the cases described below.

Case I
There are VPSes running RHES4 with vzpem-sitebuilder-support-php5-as4 and vzpem-apache-httpd22x-as4 application templates installed.
1. In the Provider's Control Panel, go to Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > Application Templates.

2. Click on the vzpem-apache-httpd22x-as4 application template name.

3. On the opened screen, click on the application template name again.

Note: If there is more than one version of this application template, you will need to repeat the instructions from steps 3 to 6 for each of the application template instances.

4. Open the VPSes tab. The list of VPSes with vzpem-apache-httpd22x-as4 installed appears.

5. For each VPS in the list, do the following:
                a. Click on the VPS name.
                b. Open the "Application Templates" tab.
                c. If the vzpem-sitebuilder-support-php5-as4 application template is installed on the VPS, perform the following steps:
                               - Mark the vzpem-sitebuilder-support-php5-as4 and click "Uninstall."
                               - Go to the "Summary" tab and write down the VPS ID and its Source Node values.

6. For each of the affected Virtuozzo Hardware Nodes, do the following:
                a. Log in to the Node.
                b. For each of the affected VPSes on this Node, perform the following steps:
                               - Download the php5-ioncube-loader-4.0-1.pem.i386.rpm for RHES4 from the POA distribution package.
                               - Install the RPM on the VPS using the following command:
                               rpm -ivh php5-ioncube-loader-4.0-1.pem.i386.rpm

Case II
Resource types are based on either the Virtual Private Servers (Shared) or Virtuozzo Application Template resource class with the php5-cgi application template.
1. In the Provider's Control Panel, go to Service Director > Provisioning Manager > Resource Types.

2. Delete all resource types based on the Virtuozzo Application Template resource class.

3. Find the resource types based on the Virtual Private Servers (Shared) resource class.

4. For each resource type in the list, do the following:
                a. Click on the resource type name.
                b. Open the "Activation Parameters" tab and click "Applications."
                c. Disable the .pa54-php5-cgi* application template for the resource type.

Case III
In POA version 5.4.9 or earlier, the following issue may occur: on adding new hosts to Linux Shared Hosting, or on creating a Shared VPS with .pa54-php5-cgi and/or .pa54-sitebuilder-support-php5 application templates, the PHP 5.3 packages are installed instead of PHP 5.2.
1. Upgrade POA to version 5.4.10.

2. Replace PHP 5.3 with PHP 5.2 packages. Perform the following steps for this purpose:

                a. Remove the PHP 5.3 RPMs from the problem host using the following commands:

                    # rpm -qa | grep php53
                    # rpm -e php53-common php53 php53-ioncube-loader php53-pear php53-cli

                b. Download and install the PHP 5.2 RPMs.

                    For CentOS 5/RHEL 5 (x86):

                    For CentOS 5/RHEL 5 (x86_64):

ac82ce33439a9c1feec4ff4f2f638899 caea8340e2d186a540518d08602aa065 5356b422f65bdad1c3e9edca5d74a1ae 2554725ed606193dd9bbce21365bed4e e12cea1d47a3125d335d68e6d4e15e07

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