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Task to provision Exchange service to a customer fails with the error message "Error in 'SW Managed Exchange.CreateAddressList'" as in the example below:
Task ID           13684958
Queue name        DomainService00145631
Task name         Provide Exchange hosting for organization (ds_id=145631)
Task description  Provide Exchange hosting for organization S001092096 DomainService = 145631, SubscriptionId = 1092096
Belongs to groups provide subscription 1092096
Subscription ID   1092096
Queue status      Failed
Start not earlier than  Feb-18-2013 14:09
Method name       addDomainServiceHandler on OBJREF:Exchange:0:getMBXService:583
Last execution output
Provisioning request failed. Error in 'SW Managed Exchange.CreateAddressList'.
"Execute" "3" : " ."

Error position:
C:\Program Files\Parallels\Windows Provisioning Engine\Providers\Common\ProviderUtils\ProviderUtils.psm1:53 :26
+ [void]$Context.Execute <<<< ($Provider, $Method, $exec_data)

Type: Parallels.Wpe.PowerShell.PowerShellException.

The problem affects both MPS (Microsoft Provisioning System) and WPE (Windows Provisioning Engine) provisioning systems if they are deployed on non-english version of Windows.

When you try to perform the needed operation on the Exchange server manually (you may find it in MPS or WPE logs or using corresponding tracing utilities) it completes without problem.


Non English version of Windows was used to deploy Windows hosting servers and/or infrastructure.

According to Parallels Automation Hardware Requirements guide only English version of Windows is supported for POA-managed Windows servers:


Provisioning server has to be redeployed using a server with English version of Windows installed.

You can use one of ways below:

  1. Remove existing provisioning system from server, unregister it from POA and reinstall it from scratch using English version of Windows. Then register server in POA and install provisioning system back.
  2. Deploy a new server with English version of Windows, register it in POA, install provisioning system and only then decommission the first one (remove provisioning package and unregister it from POA).

Deployment instructions:

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