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Article ID: 115539, created on Feb 14, 2013, last review on Jan 12, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4


A customer added domain into their account in PA Control Panel and provided DNS Hosting service on it. POA created domain zone on managed DNS servers (Bind, PowerDNS or Microsoft DNS Server).

The customer noticed that DNS hosting for their domain stopped working or works incorrectly, e.g. some DNS records disappeared, however Control Panel still shows them in the domain zone. Also, customer may not be able to manage DNS for their domain at all (add, modify or remove DNS records), corresponding POA tasks to update managed DNS servers fail with errors, e.g. like in the example below for Bind-based DNS server:

Multiple errors during NS update: Destination host '' (#1), IP '' : lstat /var/named/run-root/var/ No such file or directory (errno 2).


Multiple errors during NS update: Destination host '' (#1), IP '' : Internal error: /usr/sbin/rndc /usr/sbin/rndc reload failed with code 1 saying: STDOUT: '' STDERR 'rndc: connect failed: connection refused

The error message may be different depending on the nature of the problem and type of DNS servers.

Provider checked domain zone on the POA-managed DNS server and found it is missing at all (like in the example above) or seriously broken.

Provider or customer want to restore domain zone for the domain in question.


The simplest way to restore broken domain zone for customer's domain is to temporarily remove DNS hosting from the domain and add it back.

Follow the steps below to restore broken/missing domain zone on POA-managed DNS servers in POA Customer Control Panel:

  • Log into POA Customer CP
  • Find the problem domain in the list of all customer's domains
  • Switch to the DNS > DNS Hosting tab
  • Click the Change DNS Hosting to External button
  • On the next step click the Finish_ button - DNS hosting will be removed for the domain (domain will be removed from POA-managed DNS servers)
  • Click the Change DNS Hosting to Internal _button in domain properties
  • On the next step select the desired subscription with DNS Hosting resource from drop-down list
  • Click Next and Finish Wait until corresponding background tasks which update POA-managed name servers are processed in Task Manager. For Bind-based DNS servers tasks are named like Update named, where is the hostname of DNS server and #1 is its ID in database.

    Keep in mind that it may take up to 5 minutes while POA processes tasks because POA does refresh name server configuration once in 5 minutes by default. You may process tasks manually if you want to update DNS server quicker.

    As a result of the actions above DNS hosting will be removed for the domain and will be added back - domain zone will be recreated using data from POA database. All existing DNS records (including ones manually created by the customer) will stay in touch because POA does not remove them from database when DNS hosting is being removed for the domain.

    Provider may perform the same actions in Provider CP at Operations Director > DNS Manager > Domains.

    Provider may also perform the same actions using POA OpenAPI methods pem.removeDNSHosting and pem.addDNSHosting.

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