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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Business Automation (PBA) version 5.4.11 can be downloaded here.

New Features:
PBA-43374          Support of Kayako 4.0
PBA-44756          Multi-year domain registration and renewal supported by InterNetX plug-in
PBA-43093          Support of the TLD for TuCows plug-in
PBA-42813          API methods for Universal Payment Methods creation, modification, and removal
PBA-42404          каз. TLD supported by KazNIC plug-in
PBA-41485          GoDaddy plug-in improvements

Fixed Issues:
PBA-44630          Terms and Conditions are not displayed in Customer Control Panel while placing a domain order via "Register New Domain" wizard
PBA-44548          It is possible to create an Account using AccountAdd_API with empty "Address line 1"
PBA-44522          Error occurs while importing payments with BANKGIRO plugin
PBA-44491          The "Load Icon" and "Synchronize" buttons should be hidden for Service Plan settings when a user doesn't have the "PRODUCT_MANAG_MODIF_PLANS" privilege
PBA-44348          The KZ_SubscriptionsByOrderListGet_API method does not return only unique subscription IDs
PBA-44303          Terms and Conditions are not displayed in Customer Control Panel while placing an Upgrade Order
PBA-44268          Wrong record type in the Bill file
PBA-44257          The PlaceResourceUpgradeOrder_API and PlacePlanPeriodSwitchOrder_API methods create orders if Autocommit option is disabled
PBA-44218          It is possible to downgrade a Resource even if downgrade is not allowed
PBA-44198          Upgrade precheck fails when order flow customization is found. It is needed to show more information on how to fix the problem
PBA-44196          Change plan orders fail
PBA-44080          Reseller Wizard may fail if several Apache/IIS Resourse Types are present in a subscription
PBA-44061          Domain plug-in compilation fails if PROJECT and REGISTRAR have the same name
PBA-44021          "pba_migrate check" fails to check available disk space
PBA-43933          Migration to RHEL6 cannot be performed if there is no Store container
PBA-43849          The option "Show Customers only Plans of this Class" does not work in the event of a plan switch
PBA-43835          Partial Refund fails for VeriSign with "Failed merchant rule check" error
PBA-43744          Error occurs when a plugin is compiled from template
PBA-43632          Cannot sell only one type of backup, daily (or only weekly), in Store
PBA-43604          The "Is Active" language parameter is not checked when importing Store
PBA-43583          Cannot import an open Bank Account payment; error occurs: "Beneficiary ID is not specified for the payment"
PBA-43532          Confusing zero details are shown in subscription cancellation order for additional resources that were never purchased
PBA-43524          The value for the Attribute of the Date type is not saved from Store
PBA-42373          The SIDN domain plugin returns an error while updating domain contacts
PBA-41503          Unclear instruction in PBA Application Post-Configuration chapter in Upgrade guides
PBA-41322          Cannot add customer name with character "." in Provider Control Panel
PBA-40101          Incomplete domain transfer procedure in GoDaddy plugin
PBA-39781          GoDaddy plugin doesn't refresh ResourceID when it is missing during renewals
PBA-32209          Add the column to show the date of hotfix installation
PBA-44893          The link to the testing environment is wrong in OpenSRS Plug-in Deployment guide v. 1.4 (Preparing for Plug-in Configuration)
PBA-44890          No information about the TLD in OpenSRS Plug-in Deployment guide v. 1.4 (OpenSRS Registrar Overview)
PBA-43897          Wrong description of the PayToolID returned values for the PayToolTypeListForAccountWithCurrencyGet_API PayToolID method in PBA API Reference
PBA-44446          Wrong description of the returned values for the AccountVerifyData_API method: there is no "Operation done" response if account data has been successfully verified

Installation Instructions

New Installations:


Note: Re-install custom plugins before running ./ according to the Parallels Knowledgebase article #116201 PBA 5.4: Installing custom plug-ins during PBA update.

Before reinstallation, all custom plugins must be rebuilt using the new SDK (find link below).



Installation files:
Note: Use the installation files listed below instead of the ones given in the "Downloading and Copying Installation Files" section of the corresponding guide.

RHEL4/Centos4 – 32-bit
RHEL6/Centos6 – 64-bit
Windows 2008 – 64-bit
Windows 2003 – 32-bit

Additional Information

  1. PBA will require a restart during the update.
  2. During the upgrade, all PBA RPMs will be upgraded to newer versions. If a backup is made with a server/VPS restart, then the private key for credit card encryption needs to be reloaded.
  3. Additional documentation can be found here:

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