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A customer cannot enable web hosting for their domain in POA Customer Control Panel, the following error message is displayed when clicking the Add Hosting link: Web Hosting Changing Failed: Cannot change web hosting, there are no apropriate resources available
See screenshot below for more details:


The customer's hosting subscriptions do not have any type of website resource available.


Check limits for web hosting resources in customer's hosting subscription(s).

This can be done either in POA Provider Control Panel, or in Customer Control Panel panel.

In Provider CP:
Top > Operations Director > Subscription Manager > select subscription > open the 'Resources' tab

In Customer CP:
My Account > Subscriptions > select subscription > open the 'Resources' tab.

Resources you need to check depend on hosting type the customer was planning to add to the domain.

For IIS hosting, check available limit for the following resources:
  • Number of IIS Web sites on shared IP addresses
  • Number of IIS Web sites on exclusive IP addresses

For Apache hosting:
  • Apache Web Sites

For domain parking:
  • Frame URL forwarding
  • Single Page Hosting
  • Standard Forwarding

If you do not get the error when you try to add hosting to a domain however you do not see the desired hosting type in the list of available options in Customer CP when clicking the Add Hosting link, you should check limits for the type of hosting you would like to add.

For example, a customer wants to add Apache hosting for their website. After clicking the Add Hosting link in CCP, they select a hosting subscription however it only allows to add Domain Parking. The desired Apache website is not shown at all in the list of available options. A customer checks if they have any 'Apache Web sites' available in their hosting subscriptions and sees there is 0 units available:

To be able to create a new Apache website a customer has to purchase more units of this resource.

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