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A customer added domain to their account and created website on a domain using one of Domain Parking services, e.g. Frame Forwarding. When opening parked domain in browser instead of forwarding a PHP script text is displayed.


PHP4 support is not configured on the Domain Parking server in POA.


PHP4 has to be enabled on the Domain Parking server.

Keep in mind that some aspects of Apache configuration on Shared Hosting Server are managed by POA, therefore if you simply edit Apache configuration files directly on the server the changes may be overwritten later.

The more appropriate solution is to create a separate Apache configuration template with PHP4 enabled in POA and apply it to the Domain Parking machine.

There are two main steps described below.

First we have to create a new Provisioning Attribute for Ddomain Parking hosts and apply it to the particular Domain Parking server in question.
Then we have to create a new custom Apache configuration template in POA Provider Control Panel and apply it to hosts holding the attribute created on the first step.

Follow the steps below to create a new Provisioning Attribute and assign it to a domain parking server:
  1. Log into POA Provider Control Panel
  2. Go to Service Director > Provisioning Manager > Attributes
  3. Click 'Add new attribute' and create a new attribute called e.g. 'Domain Parking'
  4. If Domain parking server is a Parallels Virtuozzo Container, go to Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > VPSes and click on the needed Domain Parking server
  5. If Domain Parking server is not a Virtuozzo container, go to Deployment Director > Server Manager > Hardware Nodes and click on the needed Domain Parking server
  6. Switch to the General > Attributes tab
  7. To assign an attribute, click 'Assign', then select checkbox next to 'Domain Parking' attribute created earlier and click 'Submit':

This process is described in POA documentation:

Then proceed with creating a new custom Apache configuration for Domain Parking service:

  1. Go to Service Director > Shared Hosting Manager > Apache Configuration in POA Provider CP
  2. Click 'Add New Configuration'
  3. Type 'Domain Parking'  in configuration name and select the 'Domain Parking' attribute created earlier from the 'Provisioning Attribute' list.
  4. Make sure 'Customize after creation' checkbox is set:

  1. If you have more than one Apache configuration already available (for instance, one for Legacy Linux Shared Hosting and one for NG Hosting) select 'Apache Service Default Configuration' from the 'Copy configuration from' list.
  2. Click 'Submit'.
  3. Open the 'PHP configuration' tab in just created Apache configuration
  4. Click 'Edit'
  5. Set 'PHP as Module' to PHP4 and click 'Submit'.
  6. PHP configuration will look exactly like on the screenshot below:

  1. Open the 'General' tab and click the 'Apply' button to apply this new configuration to all Apache hosts holding the 'Domain Parking' attribute (it should only be assigned to the Domain Parking servers so far).

This process is described in POA documentation:

After the steps described above were performed Frame Forwarding should work correctly.

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