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Article ID: 115497, created on Feb 5, 2013, last review on May 11, 2014


I have added email addresses to the White List or Bulk Senders list but OA is still blocking emails and marks them as spam.


Incorrect type of Unique sender identifier was used.


Make sure that the type of the list entry matches the selected Unique sender identifier on the corresponding tab:

  1. Check what type of Unique sender identifier is used on the corresponding tab, the possible types are:

    • SMTP authentication username if available; otherwise, IP address
    • SMTP authentication username
    • IP address
    • Custom mail header
  2. You may explicitly check what is used as SenderID from the maillog:

    # grep ctasd /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog | grep <email_address>
    Jan 31 19:44:42 us18 qmail-ctasd[14186]: OUT IP:, From:, sClass: Unknown, vClass: Unknown, RefID: str=0001.0A020255.510AD7DC.0043,ss=1,re=0.000,recu=0.000,reip=0.000,cl=1,cld=1,fgs=0, SenderID:, Flags: 0, TMsg: 1, TSpam: 0, TSus: 0, TVirus: 0, BWFlag: 2

Note: Replace the with the actual email address.

  1. You should either select the needed Unique sender identifier type (see step 1) in the OA settings or change the list entry to match the Unique sender identifier type.

E.g. if you see that SenderID is an IP address, then it is necessary to add this IP into White List or Bulk Senders list.

Additionally, if Qmail is used as a mail server and you wish to add email addresses into White List, it is necessary to select the Only use of full POP3/IMAP mail accounts names is allowed option on the Home -> Tools & Settings -> Mail Server Settings-> Settings tab, otherwise the short username will be used as Unique sender identifier ( admin instead of

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