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Exchange mailbox database size in POA Provider CP does not match to the value shown by the Get-MailboxDatabase cmdlet in the Exchange Management Shell (EMS).

The following command may be used in EMS to get Exchange mailbox database size:
Get-MailboxDatabase <mailbox database name> -Status | select ServerName, Name, DatabaseSize

POA Provider Control Panel also shows consumed mailbox database size at Service Director > Hosted Exchange Manager > Services > select 'Mailbox store' service > Store Management tab > 'Content size' column:

As it can be seen on the screenshots size of the same Exchange mailbox database in POA Provider CP and Exchange Managemenet Shell do not match to each other.


As column name in Control Panel implies, POA does not show the complete size of the mailbox database's .edb file, instead only size of the content stored in POA-managed mailboxes inside this database is shown. It does not include indexes or other service information required by Exchange.

If you only have POA-managed mailboxes inside a mailbox database, you can get the size that is displayed in POA by calculating total size of all the letters, attachments, calendar items, etc. stored in the mailbox database.

The following script for Exchange Management Shell may be used to estimate the size of content stored in a mailbox database:
$mailboxes = Get-Mailbox -Database <mailbox database name>; $totalMailboxSize = 0; foreach ($mailbox in $mailboxes) { $stat = (Get-MailboxStatistics $mailbox); if ($stat) {$totalMailboxSize = $totalMailboxSize + $stat.TotalItemSize.Value.ToKB()}}; write-host "Total size of items stored in this mailbox database: $totalMailboxSize KB"
Script will show a warning message (in yellow) for mailboxes that were not yet used by the owner, it is normal and can be ignored.


The problem does not require any resolution.

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