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Article ID: 115438, created on Jan 23, 2013, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.4.9 can be downloaded here.

Fixed Issues:

  • POA-76168 Unclear instructions for IMP WebMail restore in Service Upgrade Migration Guide
  • POA-76086 When user logs in to OX webmail, email aliases are not added to OX
  • POA-76032 Qmail monitoring allows receiving of mail from unknown domain
  • POA-75958 Logrotate crashes
  • POA-75957 Spelling error in Customer Control Panel UI
  • POA-75944 Coredumps in VPSManager
  • POA-75836 The host becomes unavailable after VPS re-registering: frontnet IP address is set as communication.ip in pleskd.props
  • POA-75825 The link to the Linux Shared Hosting NG Service Module Deployment Guide is obsolete in the guides list that opens from POA Provider Control Panel
  • POA-75574 Plain text passwords are shown in processed task log
  • POA-75522 Diskspace is calculated incorrectly if there are folders with Chinese names inside of a webspace folder
  • POA-75485 Wrong password quality is shown in POA UI if no one has yet configured password quality
  • POA-75439 phpPgAdmin Remote Code Execution
  • POA-75433 Two tabs named "Users" are shown in Configuration Director > Security Manager instead of "All Users" and "Service Users"
  • POA-75200 Incorrect validation when importing an Exchange mailbox from CSV-file
  • POA-75096 Autoresponder2 package can be overwritten because dependence is not specified
  • POA-73147 Administrator password is not reset after VPS creation
  • POA-73031 Impossible to upload valid DNS.xml locale file via POA UI
  • POA-72923 It is not possible to add more than 100 exclusive IP addresses to legacy Shared Hosting server
  • POA-72876 "Web Applications" item is not displayed in Customer Control Panel if subscription is disabled
  • POA-72311 The task that checks an Exchange mailbox move request fails
  • POA-56288 Wildcard subdomain should be removed from Apache along with its parent domain
  • APS-11758 The "Services" sub-tab is absent from the "Activation Parameters" tab of Hosted PBX Calling Plans resource type
  • APS-11460 Fatal error occurs on the "Add-Ons" tab in My Control Panel
  • APS-10564 singular sub-service with 0 limit can be selected during activarion of parent 'account' service, and there is fatal error on last step of the 'account' creation wizard
  • APS-10832 'locale' setting class always takes en-US value


The update can be downloaded here. Please contact Support for its deployment.  


You can find the full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.

Additional Information

All required system updates can be easily installed through pa_updates_installer [instructions].

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