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  • Plesk Automation


  1. Plesk Automation (PA) fails to register a new Service Node. The Service Node registration task Install additional packages on node 'ServiceNodeHostname' according role PPA_APACHE fails with the following error:

    Command '/bin/sh -c /bin/sh ${rootpath}/' execution failed with code 1: --
    Unable to establish a secure connection between the management node and the service node at ''. Validation of the SSL certificate failed. The date and time on the management node and on the service node are not synchronized. Please pay attention to the difference in the system date and time indicated below. The date and time set at the service node must be identical to that of the SSL certificate.
    Service node system date and time: Jan 13 17:06:37 2013 UTC
    SSL Cert start date and time: Jan 14 04:33:14 2013 GMT
    SSL Cert CA start date and time: Jan 11 07:29:38 2013 GMT
    /opt/psa_agent/internal/certificate: /C=US/ST=Parallels/L=Parallels/O=Parallels/OU=PPA/CN=PPA SN 3/
    error 9 at 0 depth lookup:certificate is not yet valid
  2. Check Service Node fails with error like:

    # /usr/local/ppa/bin/check_service_node --ip <backnet_ip_address>
    [CRITICAL] This node FAILED to meet some of the PPA requirements. Please correct all the errors and run the tool again
    [ERROR] The following errors were detected:
    [ERROR] - The date and time at the service node and at the management node are not synchronized. To resolve this issue, set the same date and time on both hosts. The solution is described at
    [ERROR] - Unable to send a file to the node.
  3. File Manager in Customer Control Panel shows following error:

    Message     The error 'SSL certificate problem: certificate is not yet valid' occurred during the connection to the agent at ''.
    File    JsonRpc.php
    Line    268
    Type    Service_Agent_Exception


The Date and time is different on the Service Node and PA Management Node. In some cases, even a two or three minute discrepancy causes issues.


Compare the date, time and timezone on the Service Node and the PA Management Node with the real time. After setting up the correct time, restart the failed task in the PA Administration Panel.


Set a new time using the date command:

    # date --set="Jan 14 08:50"

To set a new timezone, create a symbolic link to the appropriate timezone. For example:

    # ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC /etc/localtime


Set a new time and timezone through the Date and Time dialog box.

NOTE: Restart PEM Agent after the time has been changed.

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