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Article ID: 115384, created on Jan 9, 2013, last review on May 9, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.4.8 can be downloaded here.

Fixed Issues

  • POA-75764 Migration Manager does not allow selection of delegated service templates when migrating under reseller
  • POA-63441 An error occurs on visiting the domain where Web Presence Builder Centralized APS package is deployed
  • POA-75817 The task "Configure Address Lists permissions in AD domain" fails
  • POA-75789 Subscription creation fails with OpenApiErrorException: "Module ID: LogManager Extype ID: 1 Message: '/usr/local/pem/ftp/ftp_log/4/xferlog': There is no such logfile registered on the service 6"
  • POA-75741 POA Public API Reference contains reference to wrong POA version
  • POA-75725 Wrong NETBIOS name of AD domain in screenshot in Windows Hosting Infrastructure Deployment Guide
  • POA-75716 POA Default Page is shown for some NG websites
  • POA-75661 Internet Explorer 8 on WindowsXP 32-bit crashes on some tabs in CCP (Office365/Configuration/Settings)
  • POA-75655 POA doesn't return resource identifiers to PBA
  • POA-75640 Memory leak in SaaS SC during context creation
  • POA-75525 The "$" sign becomes "$$" during APS script execution on Apache-based SiteApps
  • POA-75391 DNS records are not synchronized from third party DNS server to POA
  • POA-75323 The task "Dump config image for domain service ds_id" causes the unexpected loss of POA MN performance
  • POA-75259 The service PostgreSQL 9.0 (as slave database) has the default bytea_output = "hex" and cannot be used as is for NG configuration DB
  • POA-75242 When Shared VPS is re-registered with host platform change, OS template is not actually updated for this VPS
  • POA-75191 Loading Exchange Contacts in Customer Control Panel takes too long
  • POA-73423 Subscription removal fails if the subscription contains SiteApps application that uses DB
  • POA-73311 SaaS service controller does not write RDBMS logs when log priority in POA is set to TRACE
  • POA-73028 The instruction "Integrating Exchange 2010 OWA With OCS 2007 R2" is not complete for Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  • POA-72114 Operations with Open-Xchange APS hangs up
  • POA-71448 Unnecessary permissions are enabled during OCS provisioning
  • POA-69842 It takes too long for LogParser to update its configuration when number of webspaces is greater than 10,000
  • POA-69778 When Linux Sitebuilder instant URL is used, the Sitebuilder Wizard uses the Sitebuilder user's locale instead of the POA CP locale
  • POA-57965 It is not possible to set a domain name as a Container hostname
  • CCU-5197 Cannot increase the limit for IP addresses in PACI subscription
  • CCU-5196 IM does not update the description of Application template
  • CCU-5189 The Windows VM with hostname of 17 symbols is not created in PACI
  • CCU-5188 A VM's template migration fails if the VM has CDROM ISO image enabled
  • APS-9535 The warning banner should be displayed at the service screen when any of its sub-services is reconfiguring
  • APS-8353 The tab related to APS Application is not customized in Customer Control Panel on Service User Information dashboard

Known Issues

  • VPS communication IP address problem SUMMARY: During pleskd template installation (when configuring a shared VPS), the wrong IP address is configured as the communication IP address: the public IP address is used instead of the internal one. POA tasks on the VPS fail with this error: The remote server is temporarily down. Please make sure that destination host is accessible from POA management node and POA agent is running there SOLUTION: After VPS configuration is finished, perform the following steps:

    1. Log in to the POA MN and execute the following SQL queries on the POA database:

      DELETE FROM service_references WHERE sc_instance_id = (SELECT sc_instance_id FROM sc_instances WHERE location_id = 'pleskd:/usr/local/pem//nonexistent' AND component_id IN (SELECT component_id FROM components WHERE host_id = <Host ID>));

      (where <Host ID> is the POA host ID of the problem VPS)

    2. Log in to the problem VPS.
    3. Edit /usr/local/pem/etc/pleskd.props; find these lines:


      and replace the IP address with the one to be used as the communication IP address.

    4. Restart POA Agent service on the VPS; execute the following:

      ~# service pem restart


The update can be downloaded here.

Please contact Support for its deployment.


You can find the full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.

Additional Information

All required system updates can be easily installed through pa_updates_installer [instructions].

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