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Article ID: 115159, created on Nov 19, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Business Automation (PBA) version 5.4.8 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes:
PBA-41267          API method to retrieve payment information by invoice ID
PBA-41264          API method to retrieve invoice information by invoice ID
PBA-40968          API method to add sales person
PBA-40967          API method to add sales branch
PBA-40965          API method to return user details by user ID
PBA-42409          Early Termination Fee

Fixed issues:
PBA-42679          The GetPecDetails API call returns wrong quantity for order
PBA-42672          It is impossible to specify SKUs for Resource Rate Period
PBA-42644          Incorrect price is shown in Online Store if conflicting resources are configured and displayed for a service plan
PBA-42334          Empty page is shown in Store if redirect contains locale
PBA-42333          Wrong commission amount is shown for affiliate
PBA-41984          The SubscriptionAdd_API method does not set RenewPointType for subscription; as a result, subscriptions do not renew automatically
PBA-41906          The "Manage Subscription" link is not shown after upgrade to PBA 5.4 with POA 5.3
PBA-41894          Pseudo card addition by QuickPay fails by timeout
PBA-41883          If "Show Zero Price" is enabled, a zero-quantity resource is present in Billing Order
PBA-41849          Wrong redirect by clicking the "Cancel" button in the store
PBA-41838          POA API version 5 does not correctly work for PBA version 5.4.6 and 5.4.5; domain Sales Order fails
PBA-41629          POA does not set correct status for disabled domains during transfer
PBA-41493          A User with certain permissions cannot place new orders because some Sales Attributes are not allowed to be filled
PBA-41474          Empty login mask prevents customers from adding account from store
PBA-41445          Synchronizing reseller with option "Create new Plans and Plan periods" does not add new subscription periods to already delegated plans
PBA-41420          Loganalyzer fails to search for transaction in muxd.log
PBA-41380          The script fails while installing TTS container
PBA-41368          Confirmation link in Reseller store redirects customer to provider's store; branding is not applied correctly
PBA-41223          Cancellation order fails for subscription created on DUMMYGATE
PBA-40875          Timezone settings are not migrated when using RHEL4 to RHEL6 migration tools
PBA-39773          Domain conflict resolver doesn't work for domain renewal
PBA-34100          Cannot place upgrade order if there are multiple license resources with the same KA command in service plan

Installation Instructions

New Installations:

Note: Re-install custom plugins before running ./ according to -- [INTERNAL] Custom plugins (payment, domain registration) are missing after Parallels Business Automation - Enterprise (PBA-E) update installation. 
Before reinstallation, all custom plugins must be rebuilt using the new SDK (find link below).



Installation files:
Note: Use the installation files listed below instead of the ones given in the "Downloading and Copying Installation Files" section of the corresponding guide.

RHEL4/Centos4 – 32-bit
RHEL6/Centos6 – 64-bit
Windows 2008 – 64-bit
Windows 2003 – 32-bit

Additional Information

  1. PBA will require a restart during the update.
  2. During the upgrade, all PBA RPMs will be upgraded to newer versions. If a backup is made with a server/VPS restart, then the private key for credit card encryption needs to be reloaded.
  3. Additional documentation can be found here:

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