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  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.x


A Provider wants to configure the PayPal Adaptive Payments plugin, which requires Application ID. This is your proof of business registration, proof of ID, and Authorized letter signifying that you are the authorized person to use PayPal for this application. For more information on this matter, please refer to the following article:

Some fields in the registration form are related to the plugin design. To answer them properly, you should be aware of the plugin source code.


Here is an example of some answers to plugin-related questions from the registration form; answers marked with <> should be provided by the Provider.

App information:

App description: Payment plugin for processing adaptive and express checkout payments to bill clients for the web services provided by vendor (Provider's company)

Uses the following API calls:

 "Preapproval"  - to set up an agreement between the Provider and a sender for making payments on the sender’s behalf
 "CancelPreapproval" - used for handling the canceling of preapprovals
 "Pay" - to transfer funds from a sender’s PayPal account to Provider's account
 "ConvertCurrency" - to obtain the estimated current foreign exchange (FX) rate for a specific amount and currency
 "PreapprovalDetails" - to obtain information about an agreement between the Provider and a sender for making payments on the sender’s behalf
 "Refund" - to refund all or part of a payment
 "PaymentDetails" - to obtain information about a payment

Services used by app:

Checkout, Send Money, or Parallel Payments
Get Payment Details
Refunds or Chargebacks
Currency Conversion

Chained Payments

- None


On-demand Payments

Pre-approval terms: <Defined by Provider in plugin configuration screen (Pre-approval period (days), Pre-approval amount)>

Confirm funding sources you support:

Select all

Do you have an Acceptable Use Policy?

<Should also be defined by Provider; not in source code>

Adaptive Accounts:


3dParty Permissions:



Testing information:

Step-by-step: <Here, the Provider describes how their clients can get to the payment screen (Example: From online store or CCP for registered users -> Check PayPal as payment method -> Add required data)>

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