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Quest provides the service for migration e-mail to the Office 365, Live@edu, on-premises Exchange or hosted Exchange email platforms without requiring organizations to install or maintain any software for the move.

Quest has online portal which can be used for migration. It can be accessed by the URL: 4 steps wizard allows to perform e-mail migration.
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  • Source: Exchange 2000 and above, Gmail, GroupWise, Office 365, Live@edu, BPOS, Sun ONE/iPlanet
  • Target: Office 365, Live@edu, Exchange 2010, Hosted Exchange
For more information about On Demand Migration for Email (ODME) check the official website.

APS application information

Quest built APS application Quest OnDemand Migration for Email which is available for PA customers. This application has simple functionality:
  • Automatic account creation on Quest portal for the PA customer;
  • Retrieve the number of migrated mailboxes from Quest.


  1. PA customer purchases Service Plan with Quest ODME application.

  2. Customer creates organization by installing Quest ODME application.

  3. POA creates account for customer on Quest ODME portal. Registration procedure is presented below:
    1. Customer fills user details without filling 'Activation code' and press Next first time.
    2. POA notifies Quest ODME portal that user is to be created and requests Quest to send 'Activation code'.
    3. Quest ODME portal sends 'Activation code' for the supplied e-mail address.
    4. When customer receives 'Activation code' they can complete the User Registration wizard in Customer CP.

  4. After registration is completed link to Quest ODME portal is shown in Customer CP.

  5. Following the Quest ODME migration wizard customer can perform the e-mail migration.

  6. Once a month POA collects the number of the migrated mailboxes for account from Quest and update subscription with Quest ODME application.

  7. PBA charges customer for the migrated mailboxes based on the usage of the subscription. For charging PBA issues Billing Order and resets the resource usage on the subscription.

PA responsibilities:
  • POA communicates with Quest ODME portal during account creation.
  • POA provides customers with link to Quest ODME portal.
  • POA retrieves the number of migrated mailboxes per account once a month and updates resource usage on the subscription with Quest ODME application.
  • PBA places Billing Order for the migrated mailboxes based on the resource usage.

Configuration details


Create 2 resources for the Quest ODME application:

  • Main resource based on the 'Application' resource class:
    • Activation parameters:
      • Partner Email Address
      • Partner Password
      • Partner Company Name
      Application service "User Registration" is not required to be filled even if it is marked as mandatory.
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    • Assign 'External Provisioning' attribute.

  • Mailbox resource based on the 'Application Resource (unit)' resource class
    Activation parameters are not required. This resource is used for storing statistics about migrated mailboxes


Service Template:

Include both resources into the Service Template with the 'Unlimited' limit.
Autoprovisioning need to be disabled.

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Service Plan:

Create Service Plan based on the POA Service Template. It should have 1 month subscription period with zero prices.
Recommended settings:

  • Billing Period Type = Monthly on Statement Cycle Date;
  • Billing Period = 1;
  • Charge for Subscription = After Billing Period;
  • Auto Renew = Auto Renew on Last Statement Day.

Configure Resource Rates:
- Add mailbox resource with the following parameters:

  • Inc. Units = 0;
  • Charge per Unit = <checked>;
  • Overuse Fee = $10;
  • Measurable = <checked>.

Important: In order for resource billing to be calculated properly the 'Additive' atribute must be set for the mailbox resource.

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