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A customer subscribed to PACI service plan in Parallels Automation installation, Windows cloud server with internal IP address only was created for them on Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) for Windows server. Later, the customer added an external IP address to their server, the IP address was added in bridged mode.

DNS resolving of external (Internet) hosts does not work in Windows server provisioned by POA PACI module.


POA PACI provisioning module did not configure DNS servers on the external network interface in the Windows cloud server.


The problem will be solved in future updates to POA PACI module.

For the time being apply one of the workarounds below.

1. After an external IP address was added to a Windows cloud server assign DNS servers to the corresponding network adapter manually from within server.

2. Modify post-install script Scripts\vz-poststart.cmd on the Windows server where containers are being provisioned (the script is located in the system VZ folder of PVC for Windows) - add the following lines in the :is_w2k8 section: vzctl exec2 --skiplock %VPSID% cmd /c netsh interface ip add dns "venet1" addr=DNS_SERVER_1
vzctl exec2 --skiplock %VPSID% cmd /c netsh interface ip add dns "venet1" addr=DNS_SERVER_2 index=2

Replace DNS_SERVER_1 and DNS_SERVER_2 with IP addresses of actual DNS servers.

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