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Article ID: 114956, created on Oct 16, 2012, last review on Aug 12, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Business Automation (PBA) version 5.4.7 can be downloaded here.

New Features:

TuCows OpenSRS SSL GV Integration

SSL Store GW Integration

TuCows OpenSRS Domain Registration Plug-in

Functional Changes:

PBA-40735 Extended SubscriptionDetailsGetEX_API Response

PBA-40954 New Details Added to AR Documents List of Mass Printing Wizard

PBA-40957 Using AR Documents Parameters to Name PDF Files Sent as Attachment

PBA-40978 Placeholders for Order Totals in Order Notification Templates

Fixed issues:

PBA-40415 Resource usage information is partially lost when switching to another Service Plan

PBA-40647 A subscription with overused resources cannot be canceled

PBA-41346 The incorrect duration period is displayed for Plan Recurring Refund when canceling a subscription

PBA-41178 When adding a new resource to a template, the fields Unit of Measurement, Owner, Service Gate, Controlled by, and Maximum For Service Template/ Minimum For Service Template are filled in incorrectly

PBA-41127 Upgrade order for PP license fails; Domain Limit resource not included in upgrade order

PBA-41105 Refunds not calculated for subscriptions added via API

PBA-41084 Localization of messages under certain conditions trigger memory segmentation faults; as a consequence, one is unable to generate "Accounts Receivable Statements" report

PBA-41049 DailyBillingProcessing stops only first subscription with resource overusage, leaving the rest unstopped

PBA-40890 Redirects from CP to Online store do not work if user password contains special symbols

PBA-40762 Unnecessary "Boolean" field displayed in Correction Facture Screen

PBA-40665 In some cases, after upgrading PBA from version 5.1 to 5.4, delivery lines with a zero resource amount for a subscription are kept; in PBA 5.4, such delivery lines cause errors, making cancellation impossible

PBA-40629 PBA fails to open account in PCP if first not-disabled user was created with empty login or password

PBA-40606 Change plan order with resource overusage for a new plan accepted by PBA; provisioning then fails

PBA-40517 In case of Per Account billing, placing an upgrade order is blocked if there are "Waiting for Payment" upgrade orders

PBA-36300 Failure of order on plan/period switch results in locking the subscription in "Changing Plan" status; in that status, it is impossible to renew it or buy additional resources

PBA-41421 In some cases, there are problems with pop-ups when using IE8

PBA-41130 Adjustment VAT Invoices should not be exported to 1C

PBA-41243 The ability to export "Reference Number" with payment to 1C is needed

PBA-41242 The ability to export "Payment System ID" with payment to 1C is needed

PBA-40630 Incorrect expiration date for domain transferred to InternetX

PBA-39887 Once failed by timeout, a certificate renewal order always fails

PBA-39886 Once failed by timeout, a certificate renewal order always fails

PBA-37885 PBA is unable to correctly handle orders for licenses with activation codes (product keys)

PBA-40745 If an order for OpenSRS SSL fails by timeout, it will always fail

PBA-41822 Email approver address that doesn't relate to Comodo certificates are returned

PBA-41577 INTERNETX domain orders stick in "Long Running Operation" status; PBA receives emails from registrar but does not process them

PBA-39272 Internal domain transfers for Epnic registrar are not supported in PBA

PBA-40346 Currently, .fr TLDs renewal in OpenSRS is done only via auto-renew, but PBA tries to renew them with a RENEW request when processing RN orders and fails

PBA-41007 Migration fails because the Migration tool is looking for templates on the source Parallels Virtuozzo Containers node instead of on the destination one

PBA-40486 Incorrect price shown in Online Store if conflicting resources are configured to be displayed: e.g., prices for resources in store are displayed for month, even if year period is selected.

PBA-39328 Incorrect session management in online store for MarketPlace requests

PBA-35821 Service Plan cloning is not described in documentation

PBA-39373 Documentation contains incorrect example for SuDO settings in section "The sample of the URL to POA Control Panel"

PBA-36709 The PAUserPasswdUpdate_API method is not described

PBA-40497 The ability to set the services of a subscription to be destroyed after a certain amount of time following the cancellation of this subscription is not described in the PBA documentation

PBA-41255 Missing quotes in the localization guide

PBA-40497 The ability to destroy service in X days after cancellation is not described in documentation

Installation Instructions

New Installations:




Note: Re-install custom plugins before running ./ Before reinstallation, all custom plugins must be rebuilt using the new SDK (find link below).





Installation files:

Note: Use the installation files listed below instead of the ones given in the "Downloading and Copying Installation Files" section of the corresponding guide.

RHEL4/Centos4 – 32-bit





RHEL6/Centos6 – 64-bit






Windows 2008 – 64-bit



Windows 2003 – 32-bit



Additional Information

  1. PBA will require a restart during the update.
  2. During the upgrade, all PBA RPMs will be upgraded to newer versions. If a backup is made with a server/VPS restart, then the private key for credit card encryption needs to be reloaded.
  3. Additional documentation can be found here:

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