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WPE (Windows Provisioning Engine) requests fail with the following error message:

SOAP Error: Client, End of file or no input: Resource temporarily unavailable


SOAP Error: Client, End of file or no input: Operation interrupted or timed out


  1. The default WPE request timeout is 30 minutes, which may not be long enough in some cases. There is also a SOAP/SSL client timeout (~8 minutes). Some long-running WPE requests like IIS site creation or Microsoft Exchange Hosting Organization/Public Folder creation may fail due to the SOAP/SSL protocols timeout error. In common cases, tasks fail with the diagnostics provided above.

  2. Pleskd (PEM) and WPE (w3wp) process utilizing more resource on the WPE server.


  1. The reason the action performed by the task is taking so long to complete should be investigated on the hosting server where the failed task is being executed. It should then be eliminated to allow the task to complete in time.

    The most common reasons for slow request execution are high CPU consumption and/or memory consumption on the Windows hosting server (Exchange, IIS, MS SQL, etc.). Log in to the target server and investigate what is making it slow down. After the problem with the server performance is solved re-run the failed tasks in POA.

    Try to restart corresponding services (IIS, Exchange, MS SQL) to solve problems with hang operations.

  2. Restart WPE (IIS Service) and PEM service on the WPE Server.

    Try to process pending tasks when the load on hosting server is not too high.

  3. WPE request timeout can be tuned. Please contact Odin Technical Support for this purpose.

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