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Article ID: 114758, created on Sep 12, 2012, last review on Jan 29, 2013

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Provider upgraded hardware on a Parallels Virtuozzo Contaners (PVC) server registered in POA - added CPU cores, RAM. However, POA still displays old values of the PVC server capacities:
  • Virtual Memory
  • CPU Frequency


Refresh the PVC server capacities:
  1. Log into POA Provider Control Panel
  2. Go to Top > Service Director > Virtuozzo Manager > VPS Hardware Nodes
  3. Click on the needed PVC server
  4. Switch to the General > Capacities tab
  5. Remember the value of the 'VPS Number per HW node' parameter, Capacity column. This value could be customized for a specific PVC server and will be reset to the value set in the 'VPS Hardware Nodes' resource type for the server.
  6. Click the 'Reset' button - the memory and CPU capacity values will be fetched from the PVC server and updated in POA database.
  7. If necessary set the value of the 'VPS Number per HW node' parameter to the previously configured value from step 5.

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