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Article ID: 114748, created on Sep 11, 2012, last review on May 11, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4


The default OWA Policy (Outlook Web Access Policy) applied to a newly created Hosted Exchange organization does not satisfy certain requirements.

For example, the Provider might want to enable S/MIME for all users, while by default, it is disabled.


POA uses the InitializeHostedExchangeOrganization method of the 'SW Managed Exchange' provider to configure a hosted organization after it is created.

This method executes the PowerShell script InitializeHostedExchangeOrganization.ps1.

This script is located on the WPE (Windows Provisioning Engine) Node (see the Deploying Parallels Windows Provisioning Engine section of the Windows Infrastructure Deployment Guide).

The default location is as follows:

C:\Program Files\Parallels\Windows Provisioning Engine\Providers\SW Managed Exchange\

Modifying this script allows you to perform the additional configuration steps as desired.

The version of this script shipped with POA already adjusts some OWA mailbox policy parameters for organizations. See the following script fragment:

Get-OwaMailboxPolicy -DomainController $preferredDomainController -Organization $organizationName | \
    Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -DomainController $preferredDomainController -InstantMessagingType OCS \
    -ChangePasswordEnabled $False

To set the SMimeEnabled property, this script fragment should be changed as follows:

Get-OwaMailboxPolicy -DomainController $preferredDomainController -Organization $organizationName | \
    Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -DomainController $preferredDomainController -InstantMessagingType OCS \
    -ChangePasswordEnabled $False -SMimeEnabled $True

Note: the PowerShell commands above must be entered as a single line.

Important Notes

  1. Always save a copy of the original script before applying any changes.

    Errors in the script can block Exchange provisioning in POA.

  2. The script is overwritten on every upgrade of the WindowsProvisioningEngine package.

    Therefore, this workaround should be re-applied after each POA upgrade.

  3. This solution applies only to the Multi-tenant deployment of the Hosted Exchange 2010 SP1 or newer versions.

    Exchange 2010 deployed in Enterprise mode is provisioned in a way that is incompatible with this solution.

  4. This solution is not officially supported.

    A Support engineer may ask you to revert the changes applied per this KB article when investigating any issue related to the Hosted Exchange.

    Issues that cannot be reproduced without these changes are outside of Support's responsibility.

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