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Article ID: 114736, created on Sep 10, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 6.0
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4
  • Business Automation


There is a domain order that cannot be successfully processed - it is stuck in Provisioning, Long Running Operation or Failed status.

As a Provider, I performed a required operation directly on the registrar side (registered, transfered, or renewed a domain), verified the correct information using WHOIS and now I need to complete an order in Business Automation (BA).


Domain order processing in BA may fail for several reasons: a changed registrar API, network connectivity problems between BA and the registrar, missing required parameters, and more.

A domain may be registered/transferred/canceled manually on the registrar side and, after that, it is necessary to mark the corresponding operation as completed in BA, i.e., to mark the corresponding sales/renewal/cancellation order as Completed.


The requested operation can be performed using the BA Domain Conflict Resolver. A feature has been implemented in BA 5.1 with the main purpose of completing a failed domain operation (registration, transfer, renewal, or cancellation) manually, where all required actions were completed on the registrar side.

Important! Only use the Domain Conflict Resolver in BA if you are completely sure that all required operations on the registrar side have been completed. It does not send any requests to the registrar, only sets the correct statuses to the related BA objects (domain, order, subscription).

Follow the steps below to complete a domain order:

  • BA 5.4: Operation Director > Sales Manager > Customers Orders > Order ID

    BA 5.5 and later: Home > Operations > Orders > Order ID

  • Switch to the Provisioning Items tab
  • Click on the failed domain item in the Subscription ID column
  • Switch to the Service Props tab
  • Enter the reason for the manual operation in the Comment field
  • Click either the Complete Operation Manually or the Mark Operation as Failed button as shown in the screenshot below:

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  • Resubmit an order for provisioning if it has been in Failed status.

Note: The button Mark Operation as Failed may be absent from the Domain Conflict Resolver screen, depending on the domain order type and status.


If there are other items than the domain itself in the order, Domain Conflict Resolver will not work (no statuses will change when you click "Complete Operation Manually"). This is a known bug with the ID #PBA-45759, which was corrected in BA 5.5.4. If you need to complete an order manually and your BA version is below 5.5.4, please contact Odin Technical Support for assistance.

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