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A customer ordered Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) subscription and brand new VPS (container) was created for them. The disk space limit in the subscription is set to lets say 100 GB.

The POA Provider and Customer Control Panels show that disk space usage is equal to the limit while the actual usage of diskspace on PVC server is much less (the VPS was just created, it does not have any customer data yet). The screenshots below demonstrate the situation.

Disk space limit and usage in POA Control Panel:

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Real disk space usage on PVC server:

# vzquota stat 1038
resource          usage       softlimit      hardlimit    grace
1k-blocks          99536       102400000      102400000
   inodes          20643          200000         220000

So, actual VPS disk space quota on a PVC server is correct (about 100 GB), usage is about 100 MB. The POA Control Panel shows that usage is equal to limit and both are equal to 97.7 GB, so according to POA the customer does not have available diskspace in their VPS.


POA does not synchronize disk space usage of containers with PVC server, VPS disk usage shown in the POA Control Panel is always equal to VPS disk limit configured in a subscription. Real diskspace usage may be seen from within a container using native Linux or Windows tools (e.g. df and dir utilities correspondingly).

A VPS being created will get all available diskspace configured in POA Service Template or in PBA Service Plan. Due to this reason it is impossible to create subscription which will include more than one VPS or subscription which will include VPS with any other kind of shared hosting service such as Apache or IIS webspace, the reason is - the first VPS created in a subscription will consume all available disk space included into a subscription and it will be impossible to create another VPS or any other type of shared hosting service in a subscription because they also need diskspace to be provisioned.

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