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Article ID: 114690, created on Aug 30, 2012, last review on Jan 23, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.4.4 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

CDI Activation Wizard Is Improved Categories Added to Skins List The "Please Wait..." message was added to v.3 skins New Public API Methods

Fixed Issues

  • POA-72157 Sometimes Hosted Exchange mailboxes are not added to LiveOffice during its provisioning
  • POA-72115 System exception "" raised when provisioning APS license as additional resource
  • POA-72091 Domain without mail hosting but with manually added MX record cannot be added to application with substitute DNS requirement
  • POA-72090 Verification script does not get value of limiting setting
  • POA-72055 "Screen ID" can not be localized
  • POA-72054 Navigation frame is missing when logged in to POA PCP via session
  • POA-72052 Custom menu items are visible in CCP when 'All Domains' mode activated
  • POA-72051 Wrong default tab is shown in CCP top frame for reseller's customer
  • POA-71992 Order could fail with TRANSACTION_ROLLEDBACK
  • POA-71961 Impossible to set unlimited CPU resource
  • POA-71901 WHOSONERR: wrong response from throttling daemon: '"addr" argument too long'
  • POA-71890 It is Impossible to provide domain service on Webserver NG when domain name ends with 'n','r' or 't'
  • POA-71876 DNS record for ftp (with "ftp." prefix) is not created when creating domain on existing webspace, as well as during bindServicesToDomain
  • POA-71870 Not only Customer Name and Last Name, but also Middle Name should be displayed in CCP
  • POA-71868 If domain is removed from POA but it has subdomains, it cannot be added again inPOA until all its subdomains are removed
  • POA-71866 The "Initialize mailbox with E-Mail Address" task is not retried automatically in case of failure because retry period cannot be customized accordingly.
  • POA-71814 When run manually the tasks reporting usage for billing are rescheduled to period plus time left to the next execution
  • POA-71784 Concurrent execution of pem.disableSubscription could lead to deadlock
  • POA-71780 The post-upgrade task "taskAdjustSiteAppsFilePermissionsOnNG" could fail
  • POA-71752 Task "Install set of VZ templates" fails when templates are already installed into VPS
  • POA-71747 Negative values appeared in statistics for VPSes without Plesk
  • POA-71422 Applications tab in v3 skin has wrong font and border style
  • POA-71419 CCP UI menus are not shown entirely and have no scroll bar
  • POA-71283 There is no icon for dedicated servers (hosts_64x64.gif) in CCP
  • POA-71219 Some VZ 3.x VPS Resource Types may remain undeleted after upgrade of Virtuozzo Hardware Node
  • POA-71198 Function that sets up Parallels Plesk admin password does not escape special characters
  • POA-69522 Entry point of an application always opens with method POST regardless of metadata requirement
  • POA-67937 Email address items are aligned incorrectly when locale is RTL
  • APS-10268 WPB APS connector is created in "webapp" folder instead of "siteapp" one
  • APS-8324 Disabled APS package versions are available for upgrade APS-8188 Service user creation wizard offers a choice to create a new voice portal when it's already created in subscription
  • APS-10537 Impossible to open APS application from PCP


The update can be downloaded here. Please contact Support for its deployment.


You can find the full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.

Additional Information

All required system updates can be easily installed through pa_updates_installer instructions.

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