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Article ID: 114586, created on Aug 16, 2012, last review on May 10, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4


PBA-E version 5.4 is installed together with POA that has a version older than 5.4. When using the To Control Panel link in PBA Provider CP, the opened Customer CP is corrupted and the following text is displayed instead of the logo:


SuDo settings are configured to redirect to PBA Customer CP directly instead of POA CCP, and the skin of version 2, which does not work on PBA standalone version 5.4, is loaded.


Change SuDo settings in PBA Provider CP at Configuration Director > Security Manager > SuDo Settings either to redirect to POA CP:
<ui:link id="LoginLink">
<ui:contents>To Control Panel</ui:contents>
target ="_blank"
method = "ext"
<ui:parameter><name>password</name><value uri-encoded="true">@@Password@</value></ui:parameter>
<ui:parameter><name>user</name><value uri-encoded="true">@@Login@</value></ui:parameter>

 ... or to pass the version 3 skin explicitly and leave the redirect to PBA Control Panel:
<ui:link id="LoginLink"><ui:contents>To Control Panel</ui:contents><ui:pointer resource="act/system/login" operation="_login" scope="" target="_@@UserID@" method="post" sandclock="0"><ui:parameter><name>sudo</name><value uri-encoded="true">@@Login@</value></ui:parameter><ui:parameter><name>entry_point</name><value>/sudo/tree_plesk_sudo.html</value></ui:parameter><ui:parameter><name>_skin_version</name><value uri-encoded="true">3</value></ui:parameter></ui:pointer></ui:link>
Replace "" with the actual hostname of POA Control Panel.

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