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Article ID: 114575, created on Aug 15, 2012, last review on Oct 26, 2015

  • Applies to:
  • Service provider products licensing
  • Helm 4.2


Helm license update fails with the following error:

The license key validation failed
License is not valid    

Helm 3, which is installed on the Hyper-V VE with Microsoft VMBus Network Adapter, gives the error:

License already in use


MAC address of incorrect network device is sent to the licensing server.


  1. Disable all virtual network adapters in Device Manager, using 'show hidden devices' option of view;
  2. Type in command line 'wmic nic get name, macaddress' and make sure it displays only one MAC address;
  3. Try to update the license;
  4. Reboot the problem server, if it fails;
  5. Try to update the license again.

Manual license reset is required in order to send MAC address of the correct adapter. For this, contact Customer Service team.

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