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The article describes how to properly install locale for APS application. The Wordpress application is used in all examples below.

The proper way to localize APS application is to install corresponding add-on.

It is assumed below in the article that APS application itself is already imported in POA Application Manager and corresponding Resource Type is created already.

Import localization add-ons

  • Log into POA Provider Control Panel
  • Go to Service Director > Application Manager > APS Catalog
  • Find all add-ons for the needed application like on the screenshot below:

  • Check boxes left to the needed add-ons with translation files
  • Click the Import Packages button
  • Wait until all add-ons are imported

As the result imported localization add-ons will appear in POA PCP at Service Director > Application Manager > Applications > select application > Add-ons tab.

Enable add-ons in POA Resource Type

  • In POA Provider CP go to Service Director > Application Manager > Applications
  • Click on the needed application, e.g. Wordpress
  • Switch to the Add-ons tab
  • Make sure that needed localization add-ons are listed there
  • Switch to the Resource Types tab
  • Click on the needed resource type based on Resource Class Application or Site Application
  • Switch to the Add-ons tab
  • Set the parameter Default Policy to Enabled - add-on is available for installation by a Customer in POA CCP
  • On the same tab set the parameter Provisioning for all add-ons to Default - add-on is provisioned according to the specified Default Policy

So, the Default Policy for add-ons installation is set to Enable and all add-ons will be available for customers in POA CCP according to the default policy.

Install add-on in Customer CP

After customer installed APS application in POA CCP it will be installed with the default language, in most cases it is English.

The next step to be performed is to install the desired localization add-on in POA Customer Control Panel:

  • Log into POA Customer Control panel
  • Go to the properties of the installed APS application
  • Switch to the Add-ons tab
  • Click the Install New Add-on button
  • Click on the needed localization add-on like on the screenshot

  • Check the Activate language box
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish

As the result localization add-on will be installed and APS application interface will be switched to the selected language.

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