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Configure notifications in Parallels Business Automation

Notification Templates

Parallels Business Automation (PBA) is shipped with a wide set of predefined notification templates for most types of notifications - A/R documents, orders, subscriptions, credit cards, trouble tickets and others.

For each template used under Top > Communication Director > Notification Manager > Notification Templates, you can review and edit the HTML and text versions as required, and change other parameters - subject, category, list of recipients, etc.

General settings

Review and edit parameters under Communication Director > Notification Manager > Settings as required.

Define how often (in days) the customer will be notified of an overdue balance on their account.

Enter the URLs to the Customer CP, Provider's site, and logo. These are used in notification's body.

Configure notification templates for all types of messages in the 'Notification Templates' section:

  • Email Confirmation

  • Overdue Notification

  • Credit Hold Notification

  • Order Notification

  • Invoice Notification

  • CM Notification

  • DM Notification

  • Payment Notification

  • Refund Notification

  • 3D-Secure Notification

  • Private Key Is Not Loaded Notification

If a template is not configured for any type of notification, PBA will not be able to send such notifications.

Configure templates to be used to generate PDF files in the 'PDF Templates' section. These will be sent to customers as attachments along with text notifications:

  • Invoice PDF Template

  • Credit Memo PDF Template

  • Debit Memo PDF Template

  • Payment PDF Template

  • Refund PDF Template

You can use the same notification templates in both cases - to send an email message to a customer and to generate a PDF attachment.

PDF Conversion

The htmldoc HTML to PDF converter is included in the PBA distribution and is installed together with PBA. To enable sending notifications in PDF format, it is necessary to configure the PDF conversion settings in the PBA Provider Control Panel at Communication Director > Notification Manager > Notification Templates.

Define the command which PBA will use to generate a single PDF file and another command for mass document conversions. You can use the default PDF converter or define a custom one.

Limit Notifications

Create limit notifications which will be used used to alert customers that their subscription resources usage are reaching the purchased quantity and the subscriber may need to purchase additional resources to avoid overuse billing. It makes sense to create limit notifications for resources like traffic and disk space.

Attach limit notifications to resource rates in Service Plans.

Refer to the Managing Notifications chapter of the PBA Provider's Guide for more details.

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