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Article ID: 114487, created on Jul 31, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.4

Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.4.3 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

Enhanced Functionality of POA Session Management
Behavior of "Service Users General MyCP access only" System Property Is Changed

Fixed Issues

POA-71759 Copyright is handled incorrectly for old skins
POA-71750 Copyright disappeared from Navigation frame
POA-71595 The <skin> delete and other buttons are active in v.2 resellers' skin
POA-71502 The "Wait for objects are replicated..." task occasionally fails: CORBA/TIMEOUT
POA-71495 If help boxes are defined, untitled and not-clickable icons appear on Home tab of Customer Control Panel
POA-71492 Unnecessary scroll bar is shown on Provider CP left menu if it is in the collapsed state
POA-71491 Wrong path to Small icon/Large icon is defined in Customer Control Panel Menu Structure
POA-71489 –°ore dropped at Soap::WebServiceDetails::destroySSL 
POA-71483 Frequent requests to domain with IP address on NG cluster but without webspace can overload configuration database, Parallels Configuration Service, and even whole cluster
POA-71452 Leaking of activated connections to free connections pool may occur
POA-71398 In Firefox browser, if a user logs in to POA, then opens another tab, logs in to POA again, and then switches from POA to PBA, left menu appears collapsed in PBA
POA-71352 Danish locale is broken for Customer Control Panel
POA-71316 In Customer Control Panel, custom link with Target = New Window is opened in main frame
POA-71312 Help & Support link redirection is broken because of wrong caching policy for 302 responses
POA-71299 Customer CP loads too slowly if opened from Reseller CP
POA-71287 For some subscriptions, PBA cannot collect statistics from POA due to erroneous processing SQL query
POA-71268 Core dropped at WPEApi::ServiceSoapProxy::SubmitRequest
POA-71262 In v.2 skins, the "More Services" tab looks distorted: text overlaps icons, icons have different sizes
POA-71234 List of Nameservers mentioned in Provider's Guide does not contain PowerDNS nameserver type
POA-71191 Unnecessary scroll bar is shown on Provider CP left menu if it is in the collapsed state
POA-71189 Unnecessary scroll bar is shown on the POA Login page
POA-71188 WPE installer must force DC replication before DB creation
POA-71182 Custom menu item cannot be added to the "More Services" tab
POA-71178 The "Support" item of the left menu in PCP is not vertically aligned with the other root items
POA-71174 Management Node cannot be installed via pa-auto-install 
POA-71086 On NG web servers, logs not flushed after timeout is reached
POA-70486 The "Outstanding Invoices" and "Need Attention" info is always displayed in Customer Control Panel
POA-70471 A number of disabled items of Customer Control Panel menu may become visible after the "Help & Support" page is refreshed
POA-70277 Redundant space between resource meter and usage statistics on the Home screen in CP
POA-70041 Website actions are displayed in the wrong order in CP
POA-70040 OWA autologin does not work for 2007 mailboxes in combination with OWA 2010
POA-69974 Ugly appearance of resource limits on the "Home" screen 
POA-69919 H2E database synchronization fails
POA-69340 The company logo located at the top frame of PCP, CCP, and MyCP redirects to a blank page
POA-62986 Error message in "Service Director » Application Manager » Applications » Import Package" is shifted
CCU-4395    Windows SID is identical for virtual machines deployed from the same image
APS-10232   It is impossible to create Distribution List when LiveOffice is included in subscription
APS-10117   References between DNS record ID and service instance ID are incorrect 
APS-10081   The redundant link "More" is shown in Customer Control Panel
APS-9976     When application opens in frame, settings and sub-services are not accessible
APS-9975     Incorrect data is passed to the settings of the service with class "contact" during installation of new application to subscriptions with included DLs, PFs, etc.
APS-9643     It is impossible to activate a sub-service together with an account service if the email parameter of sub-service refers to the email-on-application-domain parameter of account service
APS-9216     Core dropped because of the “Synchronize resource usage for instances of APS applications" task
APS-9208     The skin zipped on Mac cannot be uploaded since it contains some system hidden data placed by Mac OS


The update can be downloaded here.
Please contact Support for its deployment.


You can find the full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.

Additional Information

All required system updates can be easily installed through pa_updates_installer [instructions].

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