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Article ID: 114406, created on Jul 19, 2012, last review on Jun 10, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 5.5
  • Operations Automation 5.4


Requests to PHP scripts hosted on Linux Shared Hosting NG web cluster fail.

In the Apache log file on NG web server you will see error message like these:

[Thu Jul 19 13:47:45 2012] [debug] mod_vhosts.cpp(793): POA VHosts: [pid 33646] host ''( rate is 0 kb, max connections is 25
[Thu Jul 19 13:47:45 2012] [debug] mod_vhosts.cpp(206): [client] POA VHosts: [pid 33646] Dynamic limits requested for host ''(   /var/www/cgi-bin/php5/php: error while loading shared libraries: failed to map segment from shared object: Cannot allocate memory

Apache log files are located in customer's webspace in the folder like this - /var/www/vhosts/1/<WEBSPACE_ID>/log/ where 1 is ID of NFS Volume mounted on web server.


Most issues with PHP scripts functioning are related to web site memory limits set to too low values in POA Service Template.


Make sure that memory limit for customers' services is set to high enough value. The main parameter which may affect customer PHP scripts functioning is the Memory consumption limit configured in the resource type based on the Physical Hosting (Apache) Resource Class. Minimum recommended value for memory consumption limit to ensure PHP proper functioning is 200 MB.

Refer to the KB article #114397 Linux Shared Hosting NG: Resource Configuration for more details.

See also KB#118427 for information on Premature End of Headers and error 500 on NG.

See the main Knowledgebase article #114326 Linux Shared Hosting NG: General Information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information about NG Hosting in Parallels Automation.

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