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Article ID: 114403, created on Jul 18, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.2


A list of updates released for Parallels Business Automation - Standard (PBA-S) 4.2 can be found below.

Allowed upgrade paths:
  1. PBA-S 4.1.6 -> PBA-S 4.2.1
  2. PBA-S 4.2    -> PBA-S 4.2.1 -> PBA-S 4.2.2
  3. PBA-S 4.2    -> PBA-S 4.2.2
  4. PBA-S 4.2.1 -> PBA-S 4.2.2

Released updates:

Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.2, Update 2

Bugs fixed: 4
PBAS-27964 The "iopslimit" resource is missing for the provider's containers on PVC 4.7 created prior to the PBA-S upgrade to 4.2
PBAS-27978 A container fails to start with the error: "fork() failed: Cannot allocate memory Error: Unable to start the Container" if it was created on PVC 4.7 with "VSwap only resource management"
PBAS-27996 A Windows PVC subscription upgrade to the latest version of the hosting plan is not possible because of the error "Could not upgrade the Container with a root access to a hosting plan without a root access"
PBAS-28002 It is not possible to change the maximum amounts for some of the billable resources in a VPS hosting plan

For more information, refer to PBA-S 4.2.2 Release Notes.
Parallels Business Automation - Standard 4.2, Update 1

Functional Changes: 4

1. Frame set in Control Panel for shared hosting subscriptions created on Parallels Plesk Panel 11 has been changed.
2. Images for Control Panel skins can be customized from UI.
3. Subscription naming rules have been changed for Miscellaneous hosting plans.
4. Locales have been updated.

Bugs fixed: 12
PBAS-27939 It is possible to disable all WinXP skins, and this results in the error: "ERROR: you must define options=> for WebPage->cell_combo() call" when provider or resellers are logged in PCC/RCC
PBAS-27930 Memory Usage is shown in bytes at the Home tab in the Customer Panel for PVC subscriptions
PBAS-27912 Issue Summary: The "Parallels Business Automation" logo is shown instead of customized one on some screens
PBAS-27907 Kayako Fusion sends confirmation emails even if this option is disabled
PBAS-27906 After upgrading PP from 10.4.4 to 11.0.9, provider cannot log in to CP via the "Login to CP" button
PBAS-27905 There is no way to change the password for the PP domain and PP Client in PBA-S CP if it has been changed on the PP side
PBAS-27903 PBA-S cannot process events from PP if some of the events come malformed
PBAS-27895 DNS zone update events are not fetched from PP Hardware Nodes for some domains
PBAS-27883 Subscriptions in subscription selector drop-down list in CP should be sorted in alphabetical order
PBAS-27062 The "Declined" transaction result obtained from PayPal is parsed incorrectly as "Error"
PBAS-24304 Promotions keep being applied to account after the promotion application limit for the account is reached
PBAS-24197 SRV records are not synchronized from PP

For more information, refer to PBA-S 4.2.1 Release Notes.

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