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Article ID: 114357, created on Jul 12, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.4

Release Notes

New Features / Changes

PBA-39311 Calculation logic in Upgrade Wizard for composite Resources usage updated.
Simple Resource usage in Parallels Business Automation (PBA) is calculated as the difference between Resource usage on the Parallels Operations Automation (POA) side and the amount of simple Resource usage contained in composite Resources on the PBA side:
PBA simple Resource usage = POA Resource usage - PBA simple Resource usage in composite Resources.
The new calculation logic ensures that Resource amounts are changed only when explicitly modified in the Upgrade Wizard by the user.

PBA-39386 More granular ability to synchronize Resource rates for delegated plans implemented.
Providers are now able to synchronize Resource rates in a more granular way for all plans to a particular Reseller, with abilities to perform the following actions:
  -  Update prices for previously delegated Plans;
  -  Add new Resource(s) to delegated Plans;
  -  Remove obsolete Resource(s) from delegated Plans;
  -  Update Resource limits for delegated Plans.
Note: All levels of plans will be synchronized, including the plans delegated through multiple Reseller levels.

PBA-39278 Optimization of Resource Rates of Service Plans in Provider and Reseller Control Panels:
  -  Resource rates on the view and list screens in Service Plans are now shown by default with a precision of two decimal places. Before this change, Resource rates were shown with four decimal places on those screens, resulting in many unnecessary zeroes.
  -  If a Resource rate has more than two significant digits after the decimal point configured, then this rate will be shown with more decimal places on the view and list screens.
  -  The number of decimal places that user can save is now controlled by the selected currency, and the user will receive a warning if they try to enter a price with more decimal places than are allowed (e.g., PBA maximum precision for USD, EUR, and most currencies is four decimal places; for JPY it is two; and for KWD or BHD it is five). Before, it was always possible to enter a number with four decimal places, even if they were not necessary, as in cases like JPY.
  -  No changes have been made to the internal billing logic.
  -  Examples of rates display (before 5.4.4/in 5.4.4):
         0.0001 => 0.0001
         12.0000 => 12.00
         12.0030 => 12.003
         0.0000 => 0.00

Issues Fixed


Problem: The error "Parallels Business Automation Online Store -- Error 1720" occurs when upgrading the Online Store if custom folders are found in the "templatestore" directory.
Fix: Custom folders are processed correctly now; the error does not occur anymore.


User Interface

Problem: The Provider CP left-menu top item is labeled "Home" instead of the vendor name, decreasing the user experience.
Fix: This item name has been changed from "Home" to the Provider/Reseller name. 
Problem: No search bar is displayed for a list containing fewer than 10 items.
Fix:  Search bar visibility is now controlled as follows:
  -  In Provider/Reseller CP, it is collapsed for a list containing more than 10 items;
  -  In Provider/Reseller CP, it is always expanded if the list contains more than 10 items;
  -  In Customer CP, it is always collapsed, and accessible via the "Show Search" button.

A collapsed search bar can be expanded with the "Show Search" button.
Problem: The "Licenses" tab appears and disappears when switching between tabs in a subscription window.
Fix:  The condition determining the presence of the "Licenses" tab is fixed; now the set of tabs doesn't change when switching from tab to tab.
Problem: When the old  "version 1" skin is used, the buttons are enabled by default in "My Financial Info screen" of the Customer Control Panel, despite the fact they must be enabled only if an item is selected.
Fix: This behavior has been corrected; the buttons are now disabled until a document is selected.


Problem:  Revenue Recognition Report uses an incorrect subscription period.
Fix:  An error in the splitting of revenue after the subscription period switch has been fixed; in addition, better handling of refund splitting has been implemented. 
Problem: A Reseller is billed for a customer's Resource when the Provider deletes such Resource from the delegated service plan. Also, billing of the end-customer fails if the Resource exists in the Subscription, but not in the Service Plan under the Provider.
Fix: If a Provider deletes a Resource rate from a plan which has been delegated, then the Reseller will not be billed for that Resource anymore. But the end-customer will continue to be billed until the Resource is removed from the Subscription. Removing a Resource from a Service Plan under the Provider implies that the Provider will no longer charge the Reseller for that Resource. It should also be removed from the Reseller’s delegated Service Plans, which also need to be synchronized.
Problem: An attempt to cancel a Subscription configured to "No Refund" after a full refund period, or a subscription with a "Cancel Only" cancellation type, might result in an error if the "Per Item" tax calculation type is selected. (The error message is "Order Total should be zero or positive.")
Fix: The problem with filling the cancellation order details is fixed; the error does not occur anymore on attempt to place a cancellation order.
Problem: An attempt to cancel a subscription configured to "No Refund" after a full refund period might result an in error if different tax rates are configured for the plan and its Resources.
Fix: Assignment of Tax Category in refund adjustment order details has been fixed; the error does not occur anymore on attempt to place a cancellation order.
Problem: If an exception is raised on an attempt to upgrade Resource limits, the action bar disappears from the Resources tab.
Fix: Only selected Resources are now displayed on exception in the Upgrade Resources Wizard.
Problem: It is possible to set the new Resource Limit to an amount lower than the included value in the Service Plan.
Fix: A validator now controls the minimum amount of Resources in the Resource Upgrade Wizard for the "New Limit" column so that it is not less than the included value in the Service Plan.
Problem: During account cancellation, an order of an incorrect type (CL instead of CF) is created.
Fix: Cancelling an account with active subscriptions is temporarily disabled to prevent the bug involving the refund of recurring sum instead of charging it. The work-around is to cancel subscriptions one-by-one and then cancel the account.



Problem: This error message remains in English, even after translating it in the locale file: "Passwords in database are not encrypted. You should enable AES encryption. See how to enable AES encryption in KB9103"
Fix: The error message has been made localizable.



Problem:  Windows Only: Switching from POA to PBA fails with exception if the customer logs in to PA, then switches to a PBA screen, and then, 10 minutes later, tries to access a POA screen.The error occurs due to an incorrect response by the PBA UI server to keep the session alive in the background.
Fix: The response for smart login for a valid, active session has been updated in the PBA UI server.
Problem:  AddPEMSubscription_API passed an incorrect subscription name.
Fix:  Now a proper subscription name, "PlanName (DomainName," is passed to the method.   
Problem: The "Plesk Reloaded Power Pack Light" feature Resource is not set to zero during synchronization of the Parallels Plesk panel license after KA replaces the features for this license on its side.
Fix: The included value of the license feature Resource is now set to zero in the subscription if the feature is replaced on the KA side with another one.  
Problem: Unable to cancel a domain manually for failed domain cancellation orders.
Fix: The domain conflict resolver was extended to allow manual completion of pending domain cancellation requests that don’t complete automatically. Such cases include cancellation of a domain that was transferred away or cancellation of a domain that was suspended by registrar due to fraudulent actions.
Problem: Domain transfers are broken; orders are failing with an error in cases where a Domain Service template is configured to get Nameservers on transfer from POA.
Fix: We have changed the validation of the response from POA to correctly process the list of Nameservers received.


Installation Instructions

New Installations:



Installation files:
Note: Use the installation files listed below instead of the ones given in the "Downloading and Copying Installation Files" section of the corresponding guide.

RHEL4/Centos4 – 32-bit
RHEL6/Centos6 – 64-bit
Windows 2008 – 64-bit
Windows 2003 – 32-bit

Additional Information

  1. PBA will require a restart during the update.
  2. During the upgrade, all PBA RPMs will be upgraded to newer versions. If a backup is made with a server/VPS restart, then the private key for credit card encryption needs to be reloaded.
  3. Additional documentation can be found here:

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