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POA Linux Shared Hosting NG service module allows implementing customization scripts and using them to automatically add custom extensions to web servers during the registration of web servers in the NG cluster. Thus, you can automate the web server customization process and be sure that all web servers that are added to the cluster undergo the same configuration changes.

The web servers customization scripts can be implemented either before the NG cluster creation or at any time later when the cluster already exists and new web servers are being added to the cluster.

Note: if you add the customization scripts after the NG cluster creation, the customization will be applied to newly registered web servers only. Thus, customization of the already added web servers should be performed manually.

The customization scripts should be placed either on an NFS volume server (which is being mounted on every single web server) or on a web server itself:
  • On the NFS volume directory put the scripts into the <NFS_partition>/webserver-scripts folder
  • On a web server put the scripts into the <path_to_mounted_NFS_File_system>/webserver-scripts folder

Note: If a web server has several mounted NFS shares, the NFS volume partition should have the minimal ID.

Keep in mind the following requirements for the web servers customization scripts:
  • The script file that will be executed should be named as A<NN>.<script_name> where <NN> stands for the serial number of the script and defines the script execution order
  • The serial number <NN> of the files must be unique (in other words there should be no two scripts with the same serial number)
  • The file permission mode should be set to execute
  • Scripts must be re-enterable, it means script must work properly if is is executed many times on the same server
Web server customization scripts may return error code and write output to STDERR (like any Linux program) which will be added to the corresponding POA task properties. If customization script returned error (non-zero exit code) then web server registration will fail in POA.

After all the necessary customization scripts are placed to the right location, you can add web servers to the NG cluster in POA Provider Control Panel.

See the main Knowledgebase article #114326 Linux Shared Hosting NG: General Information, Best Practices and Troubleshooting for more information about NG Hosting in Parallels Automation.

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