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This article contains instruction for transferring Parallels Plesk Panel data between PVC containers registered in POA. It can be used for migration to the new Parallels Plesk Panel version and for changing operating system on PVC container.

Migration process consists of 3 steps:
  1. New container creation with a new Plesk version.
  2. Data transfer using Plesk Migration Manager.
  3. Switching Plesk hosting for domains. 
Migration process requires to have 2 subscriptions (source and destination PVC containers with Parallels Plesk Panel).


1. Create new container with new Plesk version

The first 2 steps must be performed by provider only.

  1. Create a new service template in POA for the new version of Parallels Plesk Panel.
    • For Linux service template include the pp11-migration application resource to avoiding manual Plesk Migration Manager installation. On Windows Plesk Migration Manager will be available by default.

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  2. Create service plan in PBA based on this service template.
    • Add desired subscription periods.
    • Add resource rates.
    • Configure license resources for the new Plesk version.
    • Include the service plan into Sales Category to make it visible for customers.
    • Create promotions or discounts if necessary.

  3. Create subscription for the customer based on the new service plan. It can be created by Provider or by customer:
    • Customer can purchase subscription based on the new service plan from Customer CP or from Online Store.
    • Provider can create subscription for customer from PBA Provider CP.

  4. When the container is created and Parallels Plesk Panel is installed add the same number of the IP addresses as assigned on the source container:
    POA Customer CP > select subscription > VPS  > VPS Management > switch to the IP addresses tab > add required number of IP addresses.

    If the 'Add New IP Address' button is not clickable it is necessary to purchase additional IP addresses on the subscription.

2. Transfer data using Plesk Migration Manager.

  1.  Log into Server Administration Panel of the new Plesk server and initiate server data and domains transfer from the old Plesk server:
    POA Customer CP > select new subscription > VPS > Parallels Plesk Panel > click on the URL to log into CP >
    Server Administration Panel > Tools & Utilities > click Migration Manager link > follow Migration Manager wizard:
    1. Provide IP address and login credentials for the source server.
    2. Select the option 'Migrate the whole server'.
    3. Uncheck the option 'Skip server global settings and system services configuration'.
    4. Uncheck the option 'Transfer license key'.
    5. Set the IP mappings.

  2. During migration Plesk shows the migration status. Make sure that migration completed without the errors.

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3. Switch Plesk hosting for domains

  1. Create a backup of the old container:
    POA Customer CP > select old subscription > VPS > Backup > create backup of the container

    If the backup possibility is not available request provider to create a backup of the container.

  2. Remove hosting for all domains hosted on the old subscription:
    POA Customer CP > select old subscription > Sites & Domains > select domain > remove hosting

    Known issue:
          #114347 Customer is unable to delete Plesk hosting for the domain: Unable to remove last subscription

  3. Assign Plesk hosting on the new subscription for the domains:
    POA Customer CP > select new subscription > Sites & Domains > add Parallels Plesk Panel hosting on the domains

    This action will not lead to the domain modification. POA will check that domain already exists on the Plesk server and just synchronize records.

    Known issues:
          #114314 Customer cannot add domain to Parallels Plesk Panel: domain already exists
          #113517 How to troubleshoot the error "Some operations with domain registration/delete failed" on the subscription with Plesk hosting
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  4. After re-assigning hosting for all domains check the domain status and functionality. If all domains function normally, old subscription can be cancelled.

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