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There are two ways to log into POA Control Panel:
  • Use branded URL of UI server (available from the Internet)
  • Use IP address of POA Management Node (available from the internal POA network only)

In most cases the first way is used. Usually, Provider deploys special UI (user interface) server in POA infrastructure which serves all Control Panel requests. The following picture illustrates how POA Control Panel is implemented:

POA Control Panel may be branded, so end users use branded URL to log into POA Control Panel.

URL of POA Control Panel usually looks like this: https://cp.branding_domain, where branding_domain is the domain which is used for branding purposes. The URL for customers bound to a particular brand may be found in POA Provider/reseller Control Panel:
  • Go to Marketing Director > Branding Manager > Brands
  • Click on the needed brand
  • Find the URL to Control Panel in the parameter Secure access URL

Before Provider is able to deploy separate UI server they need some way to log into POA Control Panel; it may be done using POA Management Node (MN). Actually POA Control Panel service is available on POA MN right after it is deployed.

So, Provider may use internally available URL to log into POA Control Panel: http://POA_MN_IP:8080, where POA_MN_IP is the internal IP address of the POA Management Node (in so called backnet).

Note: POA Management Node must be not available from the Internet, so the second way to log into POA CP is available only from hosts in the same internal network where POA MN is deployed.

In an emergency case if UI server is not accessible Provider staff members may open RDP connection to any Windows host deployed in POA infrastructure, run web browser there and connect to POA Control Panel using internal IP address of POA Management Node and port 8080.

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