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Odin Automation works with managed servers by means of OA Agent which must be installed and running on every single server managed by OA (except for Virtuozzo Containers server which are managed through VZAgent). If OA Agent is down on a managed host, OA will not be able to manage services on the host.

Use the instructions below to check status of OA Agent on Linux and Windows servers.

Linux server:

Use the following command being logged on Linux server as root:

  1. For OA before version 7:

    # service pem status
    pleskd is running


    # /etc/init.d/pem status
    pleskd is running
  2. For OA since version 7:

    # service pa-agent status
    pa-agent is running


    # /etc/init.d/pa-agent status
    pa-agent is running

The message 'pleskd is running' or 'pa-agent is running' means that OA Agent is working.

Windows server:

Use one of the commands below:

C:\> sc query pem | findstr STATE


C:\> net start | findstr PEM
PEM syslogd


C:\> tasklist /SVC | findstr /I pleskd.exe
Pleskd.exe 2664 PEM

Windows service PEM is OA Agent and it is represented by the process pleskd.exe.

In case the restart of OA Agent is required, please refer to the following article:

#4642 How to restart OA system services: UI, Management Node, Agents

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