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  • Operations Automation 5.x


While preparing a Windows virtual machine template in the Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure module, it is recommended to follow the corresponding section in the Provider's Guide:
Preparing OS Templates

Special attention should be paid to p. 4:
Make sure the network cards are configured not to use the DHCP protocol, and that no network settings (IP addresses, gateways, etc.) are manually set for them. However, it might be required to install or configure some software inside the virtual machine which requires networking before it is converted to a template.
It is possible to configure IP parameters and perform the required actions on the virtual machine.

Before converting the resulting virtual machine to the template, it is necessary to verify that the network adapters satisfy the template prerequisites:
  • From the command-line:
    [root@server ~]# prlctl list -i VM_TEMPLATE | grep net
    Boot order: hdd0 cdrom0 net0 fdd0 net1
      net0 (+) dev='vme45e20c1c.0' network='Host-Only' mac=001C426CE0F3 card=e1000 dhcp='yes'
      net1 (+) dev='vme45e20c1c.1' network='Bridged' mac=001C42A67ACD card=e1000

    [root@server ~]# prlctl set VM_TEMPLATE --ifname net0 --dhcp no --configure yes
    Configure net0 (+) dev='vme00000000.0' network='Host-Only' mac=001C426CE0F3 card=e1000

    The VM has been successfully configured.

    [root@server ~]# prlctl set VM_TEMPLATE --ifname net1 --dhcp no --configure yes
    Configure net1 (+) dev='vme00000000.1' network='Bridged' mac=001C42A67ACD card=e1000

    The VM has been successfully configured.
  • From Parallels Management Console:

After that, it is safe to proceed with converting the virtual machine to the template.

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