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Article ID: 114170, created on Jun 20, 2012, last review on Apr 25, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • H-Sphere 3.5.1


Outdated system packages in H-Sphere 3.5.1.


Install H-Sphere 3.5.1 SPU to update third-party packages to the following versions:
·         ClamAV to 0.97.4;
·         ModSecurity to 2.6.5;
·         Tomcat (jakarta) to 6.0.35;
·         Apache 2 to 2.2.22.

Use the instructions below to perform a private update.

Important: Please perform the steps in exactly the same order as they are listed.

1. Update Apache 2 and Tomcat on a Control Panel server:
# sh U35.0P1 cpupdate private
  • Verify that Apache 2 was updated successfully.
    On Linux:
    # rpm -qa | grep hsphere-cpanel-apache2
    On FreeBSD:
    # pkg_info | grep hsphere-cpanel-apache2

    The output should contain the new version only:
    On Linux:
    On FreeBSD:
  • Verify that Tomcat was updated successfully.
    On Linux:
    # rpm -qa | grep hsphere-jakarta
    On FreeBSD:
    # pkg_info | grep hsphere-jakarta

    The output should contain the new version only:
    On Linux:
    On FreeBSD:
2. Decide what physical servers you will update. You might want to update only a few servers at first and test them in production, and update the rest after testing is successful.
3. (Necessary only if you don't have profile with the same settings) Create a new physical server profile, as described at
When creating the profile:
  • Select Unix as a base for the profile.
  • Select the Private update (for testing purposes) (-P) checkbox.
  • You may leave the other settings unchanged.
4. Assign the created (or existing) “private” physical server profile to the servers you want to update as described at

5. Update the servers as described at

6. When the update is finished, verify that the servers were updated successfully:
  • At the E.Manager -> Update -> Update Boxes screen, for each updated server, click the server name and read the updater log. Verify that the new versions of the following packages were installed:
Package Linux Version FreeBSD Version
hsphere-apache-h3.1 1.3.42-3 1.3.42_3
hsphere-apache2-h3.1 2.2.22-2 2.2.22_2
hsphere-mail-service 5-19 5_19
hsphere-config-mysql 1.1-10 1.1_10

  • Check the overall update status at the end of the log.
  •  (optional) Additionally, you may log in to the updated servers over SSH and issue the following command:
    On Linux servers:
    # rpm -qa | grep <package-name>
    On FreeBSD servers:
    # pkg_info | grep <package-name>
    The output should contain the new versions only.

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