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Article ID: 114061, created on Jun 5, 2012, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Odin Business Automation Standard 4.5


Since version 4.2 Odin Business Automation Standard (OBAS) provides integration with Kayako Fusion.

A Helpdesk side module provides the option of a transparent log in to the Kayako Support Center for OBAS customers. Customers can log in directly from the OBAS Customer Panel to the customer trouble tickets section of the Kayako Support Center, without needing to enter their user name/password.


Note: The php-soap package must be installed on the Kayako server first.

  • File Locations

    For successful installation and functionality, the Helpdesk module must be placed in the same directory where Kayako Fusion files are located. Accordingly, kayakofusion.php and the __swift directory will be in the same directory.

  • Initial Setup

    Download kayakofusion.php and modify it: specify the passphrase to be used for envelope security header generation. To do this, you must define the HSPC_SECRET constant. This particular passphrase must be then specified in the OBAS module setup. For example, if you specify the following:

    define('HSPC_SECRET', 'mysecretkey');

    ... then the phrase mysecretkey must be specified in Support Manager > Setup, in the External Helpdesk Integration part of the form, in the Passphrase field. Make sure that the passphrase is specified correctly in the OBAS module since the Helpdesk module will only accept envelopes with a security header containing the passphrase specified in the kayakofusion.php file.

    Passphrases must match on both sides, otherwise integration with Kayako Fusion will be not possible.

  • Checking Integration with Kayako Fusion

    After you define the necessary constants in the kayakofusion.php file, you can check the connection to Kayako Fusion:

    1. Go to Account Director > Support Manager > Setup and select External Helpdesk Integration.

    2. Specify the kayakofusion.php file URL and the passphrase (HSPC_SECRET). Save changes.

    3. Check the Status and Synchronized fields. If the OBAS module has successfully established a connection to the Helpdesk, the Status must be Online and the Synchronized field must show Yes.
  • Change log

Version 2.0.1:

  • A welcome email is no longer sent to new customers if the Dispatch Registration Email option is disabled in the Kayako settings.

Version 4.3-01:

  • Commented example of how to create customer with custom group and language has been added.
  • Support for Kayako 4.4.

Version 4.3-02:

  • Support for Kayako 4.5.

Version 4.3-05:

  • Support for Kayako 4.6x.

Version 4.3-06:

  • Support for Kayako 4.4x-4.6x.

Additional Information

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