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Monitor failed orders

Every failed order means that ordered service was not provided to a customer. It is very important to monitor the system for failed order processing and take proper measures in timely manner.

Create Order Queue for failed orders

Order queue may be used to quickly and easily get the list of orders that satisfy given criteria, e.g. orders that failed to be processed.
  1. Log into PBA Provider Control Panel
  2. Go to Top > Configuration Director > Order Processing > Order Queues
  3. Click the Add New Order Queue button
  4. Enter Failed Orders in the Description field and select the security Role. Only users with the selected security role will see this queue.
  5. Click Save
  6. Click on just created order queue Failed Orders
  7. Switch to the tab Queue Details to configure needed conditions
  8. Click the Add New Queue Detail button
  9. Select Sales Order (SO) in the field Order Type
  10. Select Provisioning Failed (PF) in the field Order Status
  11. Repeat the actions 8-10 for other order types - Upgrade Order (UG), Downgrade Order (DG), Renewal Order (RN) and so on

After all desired order types were added to the queue go to Operation Director > Sales Manager > Order Queues and click on the queue Failed Orders. On the screen you will see all failed orders in the system.

Find the reason or order processing failure

  • Click on the failed order in the queue
  • Switch to the Provisioning Items tab to see all items (subscriptions) to be processed by the order
  • Normally, in the Comments field for failed provisioning item you will see the reason or order failure, analyze it
  • If you do not see meaningful error message in the field Comments then click on the ID of subscription marked as Failed in the field Status
  • In subscription properties switch to the Service Status History tab
  • Analyze all operations performed with subscription, normally you will find the error message on this screen
  • Click on any entry on the Service Status History tab to see more details about the operation performed with the subscription

Depending on the found reason perform the necessary actions to solve the problem and then resubmit failed order for provisioning on the General tab in order properties.

Additional information

See the global article #113946 Parallels Automation Maintenance Guide for checking other important settings.

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