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Configure system backup

To prevent data loss it is necessary to back up PBA components.

PBA Application

  • If PBA is installed inside Parallels Virtuozzo Containers (PVC) container configure periodic backups of the container using PVC native backup tools - vzbackup, vzabackup, PVA. Refer to the Knowledgebase article #113790 Backup in PVC, PSBM and Parallels Cloud Server for instructions.
  • If PBA database and/or Online Store are deployed at separate containers they should be backed-up as well.
  • If PBA is installed at a physical server, configure periodic full system back up.

PBA Database

  • Back up database once a day. The default name of PBA database is pba.
  • Regular database backup does not require PBA to be stopped.

Use the command below to create database backup on PBA for Linux Database server:

# pg_dump -U pba pba | gzip > db_dump.sql.gz

Use native Microsoft SQL Server tools to create backup of PBA for Windows Database server.

PBA Online Store

  • Back up Online Store installation directory
    • /usr/local/bm/templatestore on Linux
    • C:\Program Files\Parallels\PBA\templatestore on Windows
  • Back up the resellers' stores if they are deployed on a separate node.


Back up directories with customization (if any).

  • PBA for Linux
    • /usr/local/bm/conf/wnd
    • /usr/local/bm/customization
  • PBA for Windows
    • C:\Program Files\Parallels\PBA\conf\wnd
    • C:\Program Files\Parallels\PBA\customization

Additional information

See the global article #113946 Parallels Automation Maintenance Guide for checking other important settings.

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